Girl Hires Another Woman To Check If Her Boyfriend Is Cheating But The Whole Plan Backfired With A Twist – Video


A young woman learned the hard way that it’s probably not a good idea to hire someone to tempt and ‘catch’ a boyfriend cheating. Alysha Bush, 23, and Kourbine Lee, 23, broke up last year after Alysha suspected that Kourbine was unfaithful — and hired another woman named Paula to hit on him and see if he’d take the bait.

When Paula told Alysha that she and Kourbine had hooked up, Alysha dumped in — but she’s now learned on the Snapchat show Second Chance that Paula was lying to her, and Kourbine had been faithful all along.

A&E airs a popular short-form reality show on Snapchat called Second Chance — and the twist in the latest episode has left fans reeling. Former couple Alysha and Kourbine sat down in front of the cameras to rehash their relationship, which had spanned from January 2017 to June 2018. They stayed together for a year and a half despite the relationship being long distance, with Kourbine living in California and Alysha attending school in Arizona.

‘We were already so far apart, there was just lack of communication, we were subliminally trying to make each other jealous over social media,’ Alysha admitted to BuzzFeed.

‘I went to Vegas with him and his family friends and he was very distant from me, he was looking and kind of hitting on other girls in front of me in Vegas.’ So Alysha came up with a plan to try to trap her boyfriend — by hiring a woman named Paula Contento to come onto him. Paul worked out at the same gym as Kourbine, and Alysha paid her $50 to tempt Kourbine to cheat and report back.

‘I was like “Hey girl, I’m at this point in my relationship where I really just think he’s cheating on me and I just want to catch him because there’s been all these suspicious things that he’s done and red flags that I’ve been putting up with for the longest time and it’s been months now so I just want to catch him,”‘ she said. Paula agreed, and later told Alysha that Kourbine asked her on a date and they hooked up afterward. The two seprate up — but things weren’t over. Five months later they appeared on the Snapchat show, sitting in chairs across from each other and discussing what went wrong.

On camera, Alysha asks Kourbine to be honest and admit that he che-ated. He tells her unequivocally that he did not. ‘I know that you did,’ she answers. When he asks how she ‘knows,’ she says, ‘The girl you chea-ted with — I paid her 50 bucks to hit on you!’ ‘Why would you pay a girl to talk to me? That’s some crazy When it’s established that they’re talking about Paula, Kourbine insists that she was one of his clients for personal training.

‘That’s not what she told me,’ Alysha says. ‘She told me you guys had s-x.’ When Kourbine insists that Paula is lying, they pull her up on a video chat to ask her outright to settle the debate. Paul repeats what she had told Alysha: That Kourbine had taken her to a ‘really fancy restaurant,’ and afterward they h-ked up. ‘See,’ says Alysha. ‘Why would you sit here and lie?’ Kourbine asks Paula. Paula begins to answer that she ‘lied because…’ when both Kourbine and Paula cut her off. Alysha is clearly shocked, and Kourbine looks satisfied.

‘I didn’t think that she deserved you, so I lied. Clearly, she doesn’t value the faithful, amazing man that you are,’ Paula says.’What have I been saying?’ Kourbine says to Alysha. Speaking to BuzzFeed, Paula admitted that her ‘tactics were indeed sneaky.’ ‘I lied to Alysha. I think I did it mostly because at the time, I was going through things of my own, and it angered me that a woman would set her man up the way she did instead of simply communicating with him. So I took her $50 dollars and I lied to her.’

Still, she thinks she wasn’t portrayed fairly. ‘I don’t think I was fairly portrayed in this situation because that’s not who I am,’ she said. ‘I am neither a liar, nor a homewrecker. I am the opposite of that.

‘I am also all about women empowerment and if the same situation were to happen again, I think I would just tell the girl to keep her money, and encourage her to talk to her man instead.

‘I definitely do regret lying to her. Especially when she clearly had some major insecurities of her own.’ Alysha, meanwhile has apologized to Kourbine, and Kourbine admitted that his communication skills could have been better. The pair briefly got back together but have since broken up again. Since the episode aired, a recording of it has been viewed over 14 million times on Twitter — and viewers have reacted with shock and disdain. ‘She coulda used that $50 for therapy. She clearly has trust issues,’ wrote one. ‘Whoa, whut? Yeah, maybe she doesn’t actually deserve him,’ wrote another.


ChuzzyHomie shoulda left her. She never truly trusted him and even paid her friend to set him up. The trust issues don’t go away like that, so trying to start over again isn’t going to end well for both parties.

Preston LewisShe slept with somebody else. Her expression of regret after while taking that deep breath shows it all. Not to mention she starts justifying pulling away instead of simply apologizing for being wrong.

Sudo NagamineShe’s a child; he says that it was just a communication issue, but she handled it terribly. Why would he ever want a second chance with someone like her? Hopefully he ended up leaving her; that or she learned better.

Muhammad FarisThis guy has a big damn heart. He love her so much that he never hesitate to give her a second chance. What a King

Beye GeeIf they didn’t confront the other woman then she would’ve still been accusing him of cheating..The girlfriend cute but so damn Corny for this..I wouldn’t even trust her after this and question her about cheating cuz I know she did,just by the way she said she knows for a fact he che-ated.