Watch: Quick-Thinking Man Leaps Into Spanish River To Save Dr-owning 72-Yr-Old’s Life.


Some situations require quick thinking and immediate action. Mouhammad Fada Diouf, a Senegalese immigrant, realized this and didn’t hesitate to do what was needed when a stranger almost lost his life right before his eyes.

Mouhammad was hanging out with some friends when they saw a 72-year-old man lose his balance and fall into River Nervión in Bilbao, Spain. Many people stood by and recorded what was happening on their phones, but none of them were helping. “He was in a bad situation, so I decided to save him, to help him,” Mouhammad said. “Because I know how to swim I knew that I could do it.”

The hero kept the man afloat for 15 minutes before he became too exhausted.

Thankfully, others had joined him by then, and they were able to hold the man up until a boat arrived to carry them all to safety.

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Betty A man with a kind Heart proves some People Still care to do the right thing!! He saved a persons Life!!

Jordan These aren’t “immigrants” or “migrants” as the captions in the video state. These are Senegalese expats and heroes, assisted by a friendly native.

Giant Helping each other is all about. No matter the color or nationality. Love each other. Bless them all

Grace The world is full of great human beings, immigrants or not.

Bless him and I hope the rescued person is doing okay. Safety and wellness for Spain and all

Jhon Brave guy. The universe will give it back to you, don’t you worry. The world still has a chance.

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