Influencer Makes $100,000 Online By Flaunting Her Extremely Long Tongue For The Camera – Video


An influencer has claimed she made $100,000 in a year just by flaunting her extremely long tongue on social media. Mikayla Saravia, 21, from West Palm Beach, Florida, has garnered social media fame with the help of her long tongue — which she was often film herself flaunting when consuming items like ice pops. When speaking to Jam Press, Mikalya revealed how she will receive between $900 to $3,000 for making a video of herself licking things or twerking, and it has earned her already $100,000 this year.

‘Last year I made a little under $50,000 — should be better this year because I’ve already doubled that amount,’ she told the site. Mikayla earns most of her fortune from posting content to her Instagram and monetizing her YouTube videos.

Most of the videos display her ‘talent’ of showcasing her tongue and dancing skills. These talents were first discovered by Mikayla when she was young. ‘I think the 6th grade,’ she said, adding: ‘I think outside the box and try to be different.

‘My favorite video is my Thanksgiving shoot — it was pretty funny. I pretended to be a turkey on the dinner table.’ Her fame has blossomed to having more than two million followers on Instagram alone, with many of her followers looking for more content from Mikayla involving her long tongue. This has encouraged Mikayla to launch her own merchandise online so fans can purchase things designed by the woman, further helping her grow her fortune.

Merchandise in Mikayla’s line include clothing items, phone cases, chargers and even s-x toys. The influencer, who gets hundreds to thousands of comments on each of her posts on Instagram, confessed there is one downside to her online fame.

Mikayla explained how she thought people only had a specific perception of her because of her online presence. ‘I wish people understood that I’m very down to earth,’ she said. ‘Some people think people with a lot of followers are and boujee but I’m pretty down to earth.’

One goal for the influencer is to use her self-grown business to help out her family. ‘My biggest inspiration is my mom. I love her she’s a very strong woman,’ she said. ‘I’m proud of my accomplishments, being so young and owning my own company.’

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Chris So a girl can make 100K a year by posting pics with her tongue sticking out… it’s so wonderful at the same time!!!

Hady She’s a beautiful lady with a gift and getting paid for her talent she is a natural.

Alex She beautiful a young latin queen my feelings.

Mac She is a beautiful young lady and talented.

David That tongue along with nice hands, should make for some great “rusty trombone”

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