Tiffany Haddish And Common Reportedly Split After A 1-Year Relationship – Video


Tiffany Haddish (41) and Common (49) have reportedly called a quits on their relationship. According to People, a source revealed that the celebrity couple chose to go their separate ways after dating since 2020. “They are never in the same city together and both of them are just too busy for a serious relationship,” the source shared.

At this time, both stars have yet to respond to the br-eakup news. However, we do know that Haddish has been working hard to prepare for her role as the late track star Florence “Flo-Jo” Griffith-Joyner in a new biopic.

“I have been changing the way I eat for sure and definitely blocking off time to workout and do training,” the actress explained to MadameNoire about prepping for the role. “I lost 40 pounds and then I got a little bit in my feelings about some stuff going on in real life and gained 15. Now I lost about 10 of that, so you know it’s a journey.” For those who may not know, the two met and quickly became friends on the set of the 2019 film The Kitchen. The pair later made it official, official when they went on a virtual Bumble date in April.

In September, Haddish shared on the SmartLess podcast about her thoughts of tying the knot with the soulful rapper. “We don’t live in the same house. I would love for him to always be my friend,” she shared. “If he decides he wants to marry me, cool. I don’t want a ring, I want an apartment building.” Common responded to Haddish’s proposal requirements with the following statement to TooFab.

“She always says that. She’s about getting the land. I love that; I mean, that’s great. I respect that. You know, that’s what she wants; you gotta give the woman what she wants,” he expressed.

He went on to add, “I just take it day by day; I stay in the present. It’s all love, but I stay in the present. Tiffany is a wonderful, wonderful woman, a wonderful partner. But, you know, I just take it day by day … we’re not discussing marriage right now.” Here’s to wishing the best for both parties!

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Ayisyen Before she barely knew him, she started confessing how much she “loved” him. She sounded desperate. Unfortunately, I’m not surprised the relationship has ended. I wish them both the best. FYI: love is more than a feeling. The package may be wrapped in beautiful paper, but inside there may be something rotten. Get to know a person before you confess how much you “love” them. Also, learn to love yourself. it’s a big difference between “wanting” someone, and “needing” someone. Just my two cents

Bethany Ohh man!!! Noooo !!! I m surprised….borderline saw this coming, but I just hoped I was wrong. Dangit, they made such a nice couple. Wishing both love & positivity

Nedra I don’t know them personally and they don’t occur as a great match. He’s very articulate and classy and Tiffany is . hilarious.

Tiny I’m super sad! Everyone is dividing up why? Celebrity wise I can’t handle it

Nicholas Garrick She is the only one in love. I am glad she is moving on with her life before she wastes 20 years later and realizes she is still the only one in this.

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