Love From A Distance : Devon Franklin & Meagan Good Share Their Love Story – Video


In this episode of Love From A Distance, we are joined by co-authors of the best-selling book “The Wait”, Meagan Good & Devon Franklin. We spoke with them about their journey to marriage, breaking the social norms when it comes to relationships, and how they have been able to balance their work life to make time for each other.

Wouldn’t you love to tour the country with your husband to share your love story with the masses?

Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin get to do it all the time. The couple are still on a massive book tour to promote the message and meaning behind their New York Times bestseller, The Wait A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love.

Their Wait Movement recently brought out hundreds of students from Savannah State, who wanted to hear the couple discuss their celibacy journey. The actress and her husband made their way to Georgia to continue their book tour to help kick-off Savannah State’s homecoming.

The couple was invited to make an appearance at the school to talk about their book’s message and the Franklins spoke to the eager crowd of students about their decision to abstain from s-x until marriage.

The school’s newspaper, The Tiger’s Roar reported that DeVon offered the students struggling with celibacy a little advice, “If I had missed out on the fullness of my purpose, would the bedroom that I would have exchanged them in had been worth it?” Both of them shared some pictures from the epic night on their Instagram:

This is how people reacted to this post:

Mena Sena – There is this narrative that people cannot be in relationship and not be i-ntimate. Not true. The world seems to go crazy if they don’t have s-x. It’s not that hard.

BWR Rock Oh, gosh! Meagan and Devon tried it, Ciara and Russell tried it, there must be power in celibacy and the length of time it holds after the wait.

Both their marriages have been successful and strong. I’m trying this in Jesus name, Amen.

Ma’at Ra’s DestinyMost people can’t fathom that idea. To many people lack confidence (mainly women) and feel the need to have s-x to “show and prove”. Thinking the man they “want” (not need )would leave. I only waited 6 months. But that was one of the best decision I made in my life. He was my 1st and 7 babies later, and 18 yrs married with 25 yrs together, our marriage is a success (not perfect). Ladies are more powerful than they know. The right one will wait. Trust that! It shows respect.

Dixie PeachI believe that God is strong in their lives. I pray that more couples depend on God before jumping into quick relationships and marriage. Life is no joke, we must be careful who we choose as a partner.

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