DeVon Franklin: The Truth About Men & Women

We hear it all the time. Men cheat. Men love power. Men love s-x. Men are greedy. Men are dogs. But is this really the truth about men? The New York Times bestselling author of The Wait and “spiritual teacher for our times” (Oprah Winfrey) frankly and openly explores why men behave the way they do and what everyone—men and women alike—need to know about it.

In this groundbreaking book, DeVon Franklin dishes the real truth by making the compelling case that men aren’t dogs but all men share the same struggle.

He provides the manual for how men can change, both on a personal and a societal level by providing practical solutions for helping men learn how to resist temptation, how to practice self-control, and how to love.

But The Truth About Men isn’t just for men. DeVon tells female readers everything they need to know about men. He offers women a real-time understanding of how men’s struggles affect them, insights that can help them navigate their relationships with men and information on how to heal from the dam-age that some misbehaving men may have in-flicted.

This book is a raw, informative, and accessible look at an issue that to tear our society apart yet it offers a positive way forward for men and women alike.

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Shon HynemanWhen men follow God and not culture, everything else falls in place. Change starts with the man

Carla Jones“God” and “fail” should never be used in the same sentence to describe what God has done. You said God’s first attempt to provide Adam companionship failed. Nothing that God attempts to do, fails. Everything is done strategically according to plan. “Fail”, should be removed from your description of what God was doing. Just my opinion.

Mutsa ChitateWooow! This is soo good, especially to realise this in my season of singleness, I am the prize! Thank you Devon…! And anyone know the name of that song at the start??

stephanie smithMinister Devon, not many leaders are teaching what you are teaching. The influence of the world has come into the church, and ladies are being treated like possessions. Instead of like precious souls that can be a great blessings to men. Proverbs 18:22 Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favor of the LORD.
Thank you for the courage to speak the truth for the sake of our society that is on a decline from right relationships between men and women, husbands and wives.God bless and keep you and Meagan.

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