Maryland Judges Become First Pair Of Sisters In The State To Serve On The Bench Simultaneously – Video


Two Maryland judges are making history as the first pair of sisters in the state to serve on the bench, WUSA 9 reports. Daneeka Varner Cotton and Donnaka Varner Lewis are the first pair of sisters in Maryland to serve as judges. Daneeka serves as an associate judge for the Prince George’s County circuit court, and her sister Donnaka is an associate judge for the district court of Maryland.

They are the first pair of sisters in the state’s history to serve simultaneously on the bench. The sisters said they enjoy having each other there as support. “It’s so nice to walk into the courthouse and have my sister here too,” Varner Cotton said. The Varner family includes three children born to George Mount and Linda Varner Mount.

The oldest, Varner Cotton, followed by her brother, Dr. Geoffrey Mount Varner, an emergency room physician, and the youngest sister Varner Lewis.

Their mother, Linda, is a retired Agriculture Department employee with a doctorate in education, emphasizing personnel management. She told reporters that instilling determination in her children to work toward their goals early was cri-tical to their success. “One of the most important lessons I taught and demonstrated to my children — even when you confront difficult situations in life, you find the courage to power through them to achieve your goals,” Varner Mount said. The three siblings are all graduates of Hampton University, a historically Black college located in Virginia. Both sisters received their Juris Doctorate from the University of Maryland School of Law. Their collective accomplishments have made their family and their community proud. Congratulations, your honors!

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Jodi DiggsA hearty congratulations to both of you young ladies, you set the bar high. I also want to thank your parents, your family and your friends, and extended family that support you through your journey.

Tereenia PrinceAmen what a inspiration to so many a family can do so much I pray that God see this family and all families through stand together and get the victory that God intended for all

Lillian ThomasLoving All the Great News of Excellence Success through this Year.Be Blessed and Covered Under GOD, My My LORD , We Thank you We Lift You Up FatherGod in JESUS Name For ME.

Amen .

Diana MorleyHard work and excellence happened in the same family and with good fortune was rewarded. I don’t believe in white excellence, so I don’t believe in black excellence either. Congrats on the achievement!

Mable StephensGreatness runs in the family. You have much to be grateful for. You have a wonderful family who teaches you values and the gift to help others. Gratitude for your service.

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