Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt Surprise Custodian Who Became A Teacher In His 40s


Tylan Bailey has been head janitor at Hightower Elementary School in DeKalb County, Georgia for more than two decades, WSBTV reports. Every day he works long hours, getting to the school in the early morning and staying until late afternoon. In 2017, he decided to go back to college and took classes between his hectic work schedules.

“A lot of people around the building always ask me when do I sleep,” Bailey said.

Now, Bailey has graduated from Georgia State University, getting a degree in teaching that he hopes to use to become a physical educator. He said cleaning the schools inspired him to pursue a career in education. “Just walking through these halls every day, you’re surrounded by education – each corner of this building, education. So why not be a part of that,” he said.

Hightower Elementary principal Sheila Price said it will be hard to let such a valued employee go. Before Bailey leaves, Price has already asked him to be the commencement speaker at their 5th-grade graduation ceremony. “He’s the kind of person you want in your building, on your side. It’s a bittersweet moment because we love him, and we want to keep him here. But we know this is a huge step, and we support him. We’re here for him for whatever he needs,” said Principal Price.

Bailey can’t wait to speak at graduation and has already lined up some interviews. He’s hoping to land a job as a physical education teacher soon. Congratulations, Mr. Bailey! We are sure you’ll be in high demand!

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Yvette CherryLord, there’s NOTHING TOO HARD FOR YOU! With God, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Congratulations and Give The Glory To God!

NancyShaw WhartonIt doesn’t matter how old you are to get an education. My mother got her associates degree at the age of 63. Congratulations on your achievement!!

Shelia OlliverCongratulations! I went to college after my divorce with 2 small kids in tow. It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life but it was worth it! I taught high school for 24 years and loved every minute of it!

Linda WatsonCongratulations! You are an inspiration to so many and a fine example of what a person can do when he put his mind to it and never give up.

So very proud of you!!! You should write a book.

Tim EllisFabulous.He already knew the most important thing. how to put students needs above everything.Also,you can’t learn this but the love of students makes a teacher good. You can’t teach if you don’t love them.

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