Watch This 17-Month-Old Prodigy Perform ‘Amazing Grace’ With The Poise and Charm of A Seasoned Pro


It is rightly said that children create memories for parents in such a beautiful way that no one can. Such can be concurred by a video of a 17-month old girl child singing ‘Amazing Grace’ when asked by her dad. The video is on fire on the internet due to the exemplary singing skills of a girl.

Her sweet voice along with the cute gestures she is making while singing the song is the reason behind the video being shared in large numbers on the internet. This 17-month old child, Maya, confidently looks into the camera when asked by her dad to sing a song. The amazing part of the video is that she did not miss a single word of the song as if she has been practicing it for years.

She did not stop here only. Upon being asked by her father, she sang the ‘Alphabet Song’ and that too without any hesitation.

As one can see in the video, she faced some difficulty while singing the ‘Alphabet Song’; however, she managed to sing it well far better than any of us. Maya is truly a special child. Her innocent face along with her sweet voice can make anybody in awe of her.

Further, she sang “You and My Sunshine”, starts counting in Spanish, and solved some math problems too. Whoaa! How can be one so brilliant just at the age of 17 months? Maya is an exceptional kid and her brilliancy is being praised by everyone all over the internet. Users over the internet are wishing her the best for her future. They are eulogizing for the way she ended the video with ‘Goodbye’ and “I Love You’. It melted the heart of thousands of people who are pouring blessings on her. May the God bless the girl with lots of happiness.