DeVon Franklin Explains Why Faith Is His Superpower – Video


In a world where your difference is your destiny, DeVon Franklin uses faith as his superpower. In his childhood, he battled a loss that rocked his family to the core. But, armed with on-screen heroes as inspiration and church as a home base, he went to war against his circumstances.

He was empowered by his mother and a team of super women who were determined to give DeVon and his brothers a chance. As the hero of his own story, DeVon reveals the highs and lows on his “Road to Golden”. This is the second installment of the Black & Positively Golden™ series presented by McDonald’s.®

Do you consider yourself to be a religious person?

I’m connected to religion and that’s how I access God. I’m in a relationship with God that can sometimes be informed by religion, but not dependent on religion. Religion is an organizational institution that is there to help access God and a relationship with God. I’m a Christian man. Now, I’m very open to whoever else is of different faiths, of course, but I definitely identify myself as Christian.

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kyncoTVGod is so good! I just finished reading The Wait and said to myself I wish i could hear one of Devon Franklin’s sermons and this popped up.

R FordThis sermon has gave me so many chills!!!! From this day foward I WILL HEAR GOD, & DO EVERYTHING HE HAS CALLED ME ON THIS EARTH TO DO!!!! Thank you GOD

Ronda CrawfordIf someone can’t handle your shine, buy them some ?. Turn down the noise volume to hear God speaking to you. Hear God and start doing. Great message, I receive it and thank you very much. Amen

Ada Azodeh I am beyond words. This is about the most personal and up to date message from God in my life. Thank You LORD for this confirmation.

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