7-Year-Old Boy Runs So Fast, People Are Naming Him The Fastest Kid In The World – Video


The Florida lad first found fame six months ago when the NBA’s LeBron James posted a video of Blaze leaving defenders in his wake during an American football game. Now the sprinting superkid has returned to the track over the weekend for the first meeting of the year. The video has seen his Instagram followers rise above 310,000.

A post on account, which is run by his father Rudolph Senior, says he crossed the line in just 13.48 seconds, beating his personal best by 1.5 seconds.

If that time is correct, it is a new record – USA Track and Field says the previous best time for a seven-year-old is 13.67. His dad wrote: “Proud to say my son maybe the fastest 7 year old in the world.

To the top love all those hours of training paid off.” Blaze has won 36 medals including 20 golds in the past two Amateur Athletic Union national championship events. When he was six he played running back and safety for the Tampa Ravens in a league designed for older boys.

He still managed to score ten touchdowns for the season. Video shows him wrong-footing opponents as he jinks past at terrifying speed. Coach Jimmy Watson told youth1.com: “At running back you can count on him to put the team on his small back and carry us to the promised land. “At safety, it’s unbelievable how he can make plays in the backfield.

“At running back, he’s very fast but even more elusive. The kid has vision like I’ve never seen in a six-year-old before. “One second he’s going one way and then you blink and he’s going another way. “He stops on the drop of a dime and runs so agg-ressive.

“The kid is one in a million at safety. He’s so fast. He gets to the ball in the backfield and has great hips. “I’ve yet to see someone put a move on him. The kid’s an all-around great player.”

This is how people reacted to this post:

Lava_SlayerOMG that’s how fast I am Imagine how fast he will be when he becomes older!

Alta IceHe’s not faster than most High school athletes. He’d come last in states for any state. Shits still good tho

MattImagine putting all the kids they feature here into a team

Maria Isabel RodriguezGreat job dad…this kid is awesome!!! You can see the pure happiness pouring out of his smile when he speaks …keep up the good work!!!

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