10 Beautiful Black Girls Hairstyles For Your Little Darling


Growing up my mother really struggled with my hair. See, I got that “Nigerian hurr” that Lil Wayne raps about in his song ‘A Milli.’ My mom used the African threading method on my hair – which is basically a thread that is tied around the hair and is great to promote length. Most of my friends had simple cornrows or braids.

But kids want to sport cute and extravagant hairstyles, expressing their individuality.

1. The Braided Bun

This cute little hairstyle will make your little darling feel grown up and ready to take on the school day. This style can be kept neat for several days and you only have to slick down the edges in the morning.

2. Half Bun Half Cornrowed

If you’re strapped for time and need a long lasting style for your little one – this is the perfect style for you. You can opt to add Xpression extensions to make it last longer or leave it natural. This cute style will keep your daughter looking radiant for weeks.

3. Cornrow In A Bun

This is a simple and classic style that never fails to look super cute and fashionable. You can add bows and bobbles to the bun to add a touch more cuteness. If your daughter has shorter hair you can add some hair extensions to create this braided bun.

4. Fishbraid Ponytail

Kids Hairstyles IdeasThis unique hairstyle is perfect if your little one has longer hair. Instead of just slicking the hair back in a pony tail, this style will have your daughter as the center of attention at school.

5. Diva In Training

Although some kids may hate it, I loved having my hair in my face as a kid. This hairstyle is a great compromise, and you can decide how much hair to leave out in the front.

6. African Queen

Now, here’s a hairstyle my mother couldn’t do! But the great thing that we have now that I didn’t have when I was growing up is social media.Take this picture to the salon and get your little darling this cute little style – she’ll love you for it.

7. Take A Bow

This hairstyle is so bomb! This is perfect for a kids party or a christening.

8. Creative Cornrows

Cornrows can be so versatile, yet growing up I always had simple straight styles. These selections of different cornrows show that you never have to do your little girl’s hair the same.

9. The Quiff And The Cornrow

When your little one gets older it’s hard to find hairstyles that don’t look too young but don’t look too grown up either. I personally love a quiff, and this hairstyle is a perfect in between hairstyle that should please both you and your child.

10. Sleek Cornrows

I love this subtle twist on the classic cornrow. This is great if you want something simple that still looks pretty. Matching both small and big cornrows and changing the parting into a curved one, is sure to make your little darling look beautiful.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Jasmine and Simone i love how she does what is accommodating for Paisley’s hair and not try to change her in any way.

SimonIt is so refreshing to see a parent who has a child with curly hair try to learn how to best take care of it rather than flat ironing it every day.

Shirrell PWhen i saw the broken teeth of the comb…I KNEW YOU’D DO A GOOD JOB! The best combs are those that are used most with broken teeth. Only some of us will understand what I’m saying. LOL. You did a fantastic job! Very simple and age-appropriate! I loved it and thank you for sharing this simply beautiful style with us!

MarcyHow could anyone have anything negative to say?? I think it’s absolutely stunning (as is your beautiful daughter). I am a white woman, and love to watch the artistry and skill that black women have and use on hair.

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