Couple Goes Viral When Fiancé Proposes with 5 Different Engagement Rings – Video


One man just went above and beyond to make his fiancée feel special. Last week, William Hunn (@ichillwillfixit) went viral for giving his future bride five different ring options when he proposed to her after a romantic helicopter ride. Hunn supplied a range of ring styles featuring different cut stones and varying band designs for his fiancée to chose from.

In photos shared on Instagram, it looks like the bride-to-be Brittney Miller (@mz_miller) chose a rectangular-cut stone with delicate pavé band.

His romantic gesture even got the attention of Gayle King, who shared the story with her co-anchors on a recent episode of CBS This Morning. “He gave his fiancé not one, not two, not three, not four, but five choices of engagement rings…and allowed her to choose,” the talk show host said. King explained that the groom-to-be also had a diamond tester on-hand to ensure all five rings were real while airing videos and photos of the proposal.

“It was very creative,” King continued. “And the fact that he cared that much. To me, it sounds like that marriage is off to a very good start.” Miller shared a clip of the CBS segment on her Instagram, writing that seeing the proposal covered on national television left her “speechless.” “I can’t believe The CBS Morning show covered my and @ichillwillfixit proposal!!! The amount of support we’ve received over the last week has been astronomical This is truly amazing to have our story shared with so many people. And by GAYLE KING!?!? I’m speechless. Definitely a humbling experience @gayleking,” Miller captioned a clip of the CBS This Morning segment.

“The proposal heard ’round the ” one person commented under the post, which has already garnered over 3,000 views. The future bride shared details about the special day in an Instagram post last week, explaining that the couple was supposed to go wine tasting via helicopter. “Instead we took it around the city and landed on a rooftop downtown…before I realized what was going on,” she wrote. “I had a rush of so many emotions, while still trying to figure out how he [pulled] this off without me knowing!!”

“I cried… a lot,” she continued. “This was a boss move @ichillwillfixit. You’ve planned one h-ell of an experience that I’ll never be able to forget i love you.”

This is how people reacted to this post:

Natalie Spitz I mean it’s not a bad idea if you don’t know what they want!! Very innovative! But for me, it was special that my fiancé took the time to build a ring with my family (it’s their store) over a six month period to make it perfect. And I love my ring more than anything.

Siobhan StanleyHe’s taken that Christmas song literally … my true love gave to me, 5 GOLD RINGS!!!

YL Barnes It’s about being creative ! Good for you if you knew what your lady wanted . His had options 5 of them !!! Congratulations to the newly engaged couple

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