Teen Receives 17 College Acceptances And $500K In Scholarships Less Than A Year After Losing Mom – Video


A North Carolina teen wanted to make her late mom proud in her final year of high school — and now, she’s doing that 17 times over. Saniya Lyles, a student at Middle College at Bennett in Greensboro, recently got accepted to 17 colleges and received more than $500,000 in scholarship offers, CBS affiliate WFMY reported. The remarkable accomplishment comes less than a year after Lyles lost her mother to a heart att-ack.

“I’m super excited,” Lyles told the outlet. “I’m a tiny bit nervous, now that, I guess, I’m preparing for college [and] that my experience at high school is wrapping up.” “It was just one of those things,” she added of the bittersweet moment. “I was happy, but still, in the back of my mind, I’m like, ‘Wow, I wish she could be here to see me do this and see me doing good.'”

After Lyles’ mom di-ed, the teen said she threw her focus into academics, maintaining a 4.5 GPA while also completing her fifth college-credit course, WFMY reported. “If anything, you know, I just use it as encouragement,” Lyles explained to the outlet of her mom’s passing. “Everything I did before, I told myself I must do 10 times more, to make her proud.” Eventually, Lyles learned that she had been accepted to college — not just one, but 17 different schools, including Fayetteville State, Elon and High Point University — and was offered half a million dollars in scholarships, according to WFMY.

Though she had many schools to choose from, Lyles ultimately decided to attend Fayetteville State University in the fall, the outlet reported. “I plan on doing scene investigation after I get my degree,” she explained to WFMY. “And I do have aspirations of eventually joining the military, as well.” With a promising future ahead of her, Lyles said she hopes others can learn from her story and will be inspired to push forward, even in times of tragedy. “My goal in life is just to make an impact, even after I pass,” she told WFMY. “I just want to leave the world better than when I came in.”

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Brittanie TaylorWow. We mom’s know and I am pretty sure your mom is jumping up and down and smiling because you have made her so proud.

Congratulations..You are a great example of what hard work can lead to

Peggy FountainEven though your mother is not with U in the physical, she’s right there in the spirit, and very proud of U. Congratulations on your accomplishments.

Kaethe SkyeDear Saniya, your Dear Mother is with you and watching over you. This is Know. Not sure if you have faith or religion but when I prayed to the Blessed Vir-gin Mary to let me know my Mother was ok, my earthly Mother visited me two months later after making the request. I pray you are strong and confident to go on and know that your Mother is always watching. Go out and slay the day!Vi-rgin Mary to let me know my Mother was ok, my earthly Mother visited me two months later after ma

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