This 11-Year Old Has Helped 20,000 Homeless People By Giving Them “Blessing Bags” – Video


Jahkil Jackson is a 11-year old boy from Chicago whotries his bit to give back to the society, everytime he tries to help a homeless person by distributing what he calls a ‘blessing bag.’He has been on a mission to eradicate homelessness from the world. In an interview with today, Jackson told how he always taught everyone had their own homes until he was 5-years old.

That was the first time he saw people living on the streets and that was a changing point for him.

For a 5-year old, buying houses for everyone who didn’t own one sounded too far-fetched. He still was determined to do what best he could to help such people and started an organization called Project I Am when was 8 years old. Through this initiative he gives free food, water, sanitary products all stuffed in a bag which he refers to as blessing bags.

He first started distributing his blessing bags to homeless people.

In LA, Chicago, Virginia, Atlanta, Washington DC and Atlanta and later went on to help people in other countries which includes hurricane survivors in Florida, Puerto Rico and Houston, volcano victims in Guatemala and orphans in Mbabane. His efforts have been recognized by many prominent individuals worldwide.

One of them is the former President Barack Obama who acknowledged him as one of the three most influential people of 2017.

In an interview with Forbes, Jackson said how Obama recognizing his work gives him the encouragement to keep going forward. He was also the youth ambassador for Heartland Alliance International, one of the leading anti-poverty organizations in the world, in 2016.

Jackson who loves playing basketball and dream of owning an NBA team someday couldn’t stop his happiness when his work was recognized by the basketball superstar LeBron James who also helped to promote his organization. While Jackson has already helped more than 20,000 people in his own city of Chicago by giving his blessings bags, he continues to help underprivileged people in any possible way that he could and his purpose is to help as many homeless people in the world.