From Baggage Claim To VP Of The Largest Black-Owned Private Airline In The World – Video


From the age of 12, Sherrixcia ‘Rexy’ Alexis Rolle worked together with her parents in building their aviation business. Rexy’s father Rex Rolle is a professional pilot and a flight instructor and her mother Shandrice Rolle is an entrepreneur. Together they own the Western Air Limited, one most successful airlines in Bahamas. For Rexy having a family business of airlines was not just something she grew up watching.

Instead from an early age she wanted to be involved in it. Hence she started with helping out at the baggage claim.

Today Rexy is the Vice President of Operations and General Counsel at Western Air. Rexy’s parents had been her mentors and they taught the work ethics. After her school Rexy started to work a baggage handler. Later she was trained and was given the task of airplane inspector.

At this point of time Rexy observed the areas that needed improvements. After Rexy completed her college, she looked into the areas of improvisation and brought in the changes that were favorable for the airlines.

Rexy had earlier noticed gender diversity in the aviation industry. She had seen that most of the executive positions were handled by men. On the other side women were always considered under qualified for the said roles. Rexy took this a personal challenge and worked hard. She proved to everyone that a woman too can work and be successful in the aviation industry. Rexy advices women to be confident, she says “we must stay confident in what we know and the work we produce”. Rexy has earned various qualifications under her belt and she is also a business and aviation lawyer.

Rexy has worked hard and has brought in recent up gradations in the Western Air Limited. Western Air is now one of the largest privately-owned airlines in the world. Rexy has been making the waves at aviation industry and left no stone unturned to bring in the new heights of success for Western Air. From tagging the bags at the baggage claims to flights inspections to picking up aircraft paint schemes, Rexy has worked her way through to expand her family’s privately owned aviation business. Rexy is thankful to her parents for the involving her in the business from young age.

In an interview with xoNecole, Rexy said “”I could have gone in two directions with watching this airline grow up as I grew up: either assuming it’s there at my fingertips, or really taking a stance of wanting to improve upon what’s already there.

I wish for everyone to do the same in their lives. Take time to grow and learn every day. That’s how you become great!”