Officers Help 92-Year-Old Woman Who Was ‘Cold To The Touch’ And Had ‘No Food In The Fridge’ – Video


Life can often be rigid for retired elderly people who live alone and have no one to help them out. The lack of human interaction will hurt even people in the prime of their lives but you can imagine how hard loneliness is for our elderly citizens. Sometimes, having a family of your own isn’t a guarantee against loneliness in old age – in our hectic modern world, people are so overwhelmed by their daily lives, they often have neither the time nor the will to reach out to their elderly family members.

Like many elderly people, Ms. Tina, as she came to be known, was living alone in her home in the Houston area, and to make things worse, she was suffering from dementia, which meant others need to keep an eye on her. Ms. Tina’s neighbors did their best to do so but were starting to be alarmed when her condition worsened.

She was often seen wandering outside and wouldn’t notice that she left the door unlocked.

Afraid that her condition may worsen further, her neighbors called Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, telling the officers that Ms. Tina’s hands were “ice cold to the touch” and her dementia worsened considerably. Deputy Marquis Hines and an officer who goes by the name ‘Nino Junior’ on his Social Media, responded to the call but they couldn’t suspect how bad the situation actually was.

The two officers took it upon themselves to go and buy Tina some much-needed groceries and they did it without her knowing! However, it was still not the end of Ms. Tina’s story. Deputy Hines started a Social Media fundraiser, raising $10,000 needed to move her to a retirement home where she could receive proper care. Two months later, she was accepted at a nursing home, thanks to his efforts and the kindness of Social Media users and their donations.

It’s great to hear that there are still people like Deputy Hines who are willing to go out of their way to help people in need. We should not forget about our elderly neighbors who live alone and do everything in our power to make their lives more comfortable, but most importantly, show them the kindness they deserve.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Robin Horton – these officers will receive back tenfold all of the kindness they bestowed to this elderly woman.

God will surely bless them

Edna Lewis – God bless them and thank you for helping out that lady I back the blue because not all are bad cop’s.

Karen Taylor – My son ran into a case of the same coincidence an elderly couple was cold and hungry he called in to DHS and he went shopping for groceries for them and got help for them too

Mildred Frazier – God bless them both and thank y’all for your service and sacrifices

Larry Richmond – Thank you for your service. The world needs more people like you.

Linda Brown Smith – They should get in touch with her sons and tell them to take care of their mother.


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