Dad Explains How He “Protects” His Daughter By Taking Her Into The Women’s Bathroom


When girl dads are out in public during potty training –out alone with their daughter– they are put in a tough situation. While many places added more changing stations in men’s restrooms, they are still left in a weird place when they need to care for their potty training daughter. Dads should all listen up, though, because this blogger dad is sharing how he goes about it with his little one.

Muhammed Nitoto who is the dad blogger behind the popular content known of Chronicles of Daddy, recently shared a sweet photo of him and his daughter. Parents reported and shared some important insight. Nitoto captioned the photo, “As a dad being out with daughters, I never thought the bathroom would become as big as a issue as it is.

Usually we would go places, and they have FAMILY bathroom, which are meant for people with children, but what I found was most places don’t have them, and dads are left to decide between taking their daughters to the men’s bathroom or the women’s.”

We feel that When out in public alone with his daughter and not able to find a family restroom, he shared that he does “what most men would do,” meaning taking his girls to the men’s bathroom. “Now I’ve been to a men’s bathroom millions of times, but walking in with your daughter makes you look at it completely different,” wrote Nitoto. “Men’s bathrooms are slimy. They smell like pee, and nothing is setup for a woman or a person with a child. The changing table was right next to the urinal which means my child literally would be next to where men pee. Not to mention that there are men going in and out while you’re in there.”

Not a pleasant experience for a little girl In fact, only one time of bringing his daughter into the men’s room was all that it took for him to decide that wasn’t going to happen ever again. “They are too young to go on their own so I have to go in with them,” he shared. “I try to be as respectful to women as I can while doing so which consists of knocking on the door before entering and announcing myself.” If someone is inside, he makes sure they know “a dad is coming in with his daughter,” he will announce so that they are comfortable with him coming inside. “Now once inside our stall, I still am aware of the door, and whenever I hear it open and someone new is coming in, I announce myself again and make sure they know I’m inside with my child so that they aren’t surprised,” continued Nitoto.

At the end of the day, “Women’s bathrooms are so much cleaner and set up perfect just in case they have children,” wrote the San Pedro, California father.

“The changing station is usually inside a stall instead of just in the open, and it’s always clean. As a girl dad, I can’t help but want to protect my daughter’s from all things that aren’t for them, and the men’s bathroom is 100% one of those things.”

At the end of the post, Nitoto opened things up for discussion asking everyone’s opinions and had a huge outpour of support and many fellow dads agree with his struggle. This just goes to show that there is so much more work to be done, but lovely to see dads standing up for the issue.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Dan JonesI have taken my nieces into the women’s restroom before but mainly the Family Restroom.

Sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. I’ve locked the men’s restroom before as well. At a restaurant, I asked a female worker to mind the door and she happily did just that. There’s too many creeps out there, I’d do anything to protect the kids.

Katie CampbellMen’s bathrooms are horrid. I don’t even like my son going into one. I bring him in with me to womans. So even though it’s a little different. It’s our job to protect our babies and do what we feel is best and safest for our babies.

Miriam Tinker BlairI’m pretty sure most ladies would be happy to cooperate. I unintentionally went into the men’s bathroom at an airport once. Never noticed a thing til I left the stall and faced a wall of urinals! All the men in there just giggled.

Lily GraceThere’s an LGBT+ bar near me and it’s amazing.There are HUGE red buttons everywhere saying “I need help”.

And the toilet is unisex, and there’s no door, just an archway in. There are no urinals, just individual cubicles. And on the screens, intermingled with the music videos playing, are warning signs about going home alone, and how to spot date in your drink. It’s one of the best bars ever. And the toilet system really works – no one messes around in there, and even if they did, with no door they’d be caught out instantly.

Tamas RudnaiYou cannot see ladies in there, they have separators unlike in the man’s room. Totally fine. Plus just before you walk in “you decide that you are a woman” and no one can say a thing

Mari Pearson DemersMy dad raised my brother and I on his own in the 80’s and 90’s and I got my diaper changed on a dirty men’s room floor because that was his only choice. 30 years later, there have got to be better options for dads who are actually interested in raising their kids.

Samantha McMahonAs a mom of two little girls….I would much prefer my husband do this if it meant keeping my daughters safe and clean.

And I would have absolutely no problem with a dad doing this while I am in a restroom as well if he handled the same way this dad does. Way to go, Dad!