DeVon Franklin: Your Difference Is Your Destiny – Video


The following are notes from DeVon Franklin’s talk at #GLS19. Use them to help you apply the content you learned at the Summit. Most of us struggle with these things, and they are the key to leadership. Story of cookies: DeVon has two bags of cookies in his hand. Both brands are not trying to figure out the other cookie brand’s recipe.

Instead, they are focused on their own recipe and putting it in the grocery store.

In leadership, in order to have a space on the shelf of our destiny, we have to own the recipe that’s already in us.

● Too often we try to become someone else at the expense of who we are

1. Difference: A way in which people or things are not the same

• Your difference is your destiny
• It’s difficult and hard to stand out
• People want you to tone it down to fit into their limited idea of who you are
• Be careful whose advice you get
• Not everybody is going to embrace your differences, but you should
• Too often we think we have to sacrifice to submit to destiny
• You can be who you are and still find success

What compromises have you been making lately to fit into doors too small for you?

2. Destiny: Your highest purpose and your calling

• Not a destination but a process of operating in your calling
• We often don’t answer the call of our lives because we’re too distracted and busy
• Walk in your destiny each and every day

What is your calling trying to tell you? Have you answered your calling?

● It’s all about walking in our higher purpose and our calling

So many times, we attach opportunity to destiny, making a compromise on fitting in and where you’re supposed to be.

Story of Hollywood: DeVon was interviewing for an internship and made it clear that if the project would require him to work on the Sabbath, he would not be able to fulfill that. He embraced the difference of his religion and he has not worked one Sunday.
● Own your difference
● We lose our voice when we just want to get by and when we want to fit in
● There are things we’re concerned about and don’t say because we don’t want to ruffle any feathers
● Understand who you are, and be bold enough to walk in it, no matter who understands or who gets you
● Get information and do not fear confirmation if this is the place for you

3. Stop Making the Exchange: What makes you different for what makes you common

Hollywood is addicted to the sequel; so is leadership.
• So often we want to do a repeat of what was done, avoid sequels
• We try to be a repeat of what someone else did instead of owning the difference between us
• Take the bold risk of being original
• It’s scary to own your difference, but stop being so afraid

4. Discipline: No discipline, no destiny

● Discipline sometimes betrays what we want
● Muhammad Ali quote: “Suffer now, and live the rest of your life as a champion.”
● You can’t say yes to every engagement; you can’t say yes to every project
● Sacrifice to achieve greatness

You are closer than you think.

5. Power: Be bold to walk in destiny

• Why you’re uncomfortable right now is because you know you’re supposed to make the move and you’re not doing it
• Know there is a bigger life for you and let go of the life no longer serving you

How to own your difference:

Admit you are different
Do not confuse someone else’s distinctiveness with your own
Hang with those who encourage your difference
Be salt and light

Story of Jesus: Jesus’ sermon on the mount calling people to be the salt and light. He said we’re the salt of the earth and we need to preserve it.

Shine light in the dark places. Light cannot shine in light. Don’t be afraid to go places.
Destiny is a process. Commit to it.

Story of Cinderella: She had an opportunity to go the ball. When the clock struck midnight, she lost her shoe returning home. The prince discovered her shoe and searched the entire kingdom to find the owner of the glass slipper. Every person he found could not fit into it. Why? Because it was only designed for Cinderella. She made the excuse that she didn’t have a gown or other accoutrements. The prince said, “No, you don’t. You have something better. You have you.”

● You are enough; go out and get your destiny
● Your difference makes a difference
● Your destiny is the right fit, it won’t fit anyone else
● Go and be and do boldly
● Go where no other leaders has gone

Your difference is your fuel, and your destiny is your ship.

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