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DeVon Franklin is a Hollywood producer, New York Times bestselling author, renowned preacher, motivational speaker, and a great friend of mine. You may have heard of some of DeVon’s best-known films Heaven is for Real or his film, Breakthrough, which stars Chrissy Metz from This is Us. Or maybe you’ve heard of Miracles from Heaven, starring Jennifer Garner, which is the highest-grossing faith-based film of all time.

In other words, he’s a big deal.

DeVon is also a fantastic writer and the author of several bestselling books. He and his wife, actress Meagan Good are the co-authors of The Wait. DeVon Franklin’s books also include The Success Commandments, Produced by Faith, and The Truth About Men. On May 4, 2021, DeVon Franklin released a new book: Live Free, in which he teaches you how you can LIVE FREE from unnecessary stress and anxiety to claim a happier more fulfilling life by learning to set your own expectations rather than accepting those imposed on you by culture, career, and relationships.

In addition to being an incredibly creative and inspirational force in the world, DeVon is an accomplished businessman. He’s the President and CEO of Franklin Entertainment, which recently signed a deal to become part of the 20th Century Fox family of companies. And finally, DeVon Franklin is a major motivational speaker. With appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, Dr. Phil, CBS This Morning, Entertainment Tonight, and more, it’s no wonder he’s one of the most highly sought Christian speakers out there! Beliefnet even named him one of the “Most Influential Christians Under 40.”

But aside from being a prolific content creator, inspirational speaker and writer, and social media influencer, DeVon is an amazing human being. He is a man committed to loving his wife and modeling healthy relationships and healthy manhood to everyone who watches him, and he’s a true inspiration to me as well. I’ve had him on The School of Greatness back on Episode #769 and Episode #409, and each time I learn something valuable about relationships. Today’s episode was no different! Join me on Episode 1,106 to learn about the biggest myths about relationships with the incredible DeVon Franklin!

1. There’s Always Nice Weather Somewhere

Often individuals remain paralyzed in their convenience zone for fear of repeating bad results. Is it possible that sometimes we require to leave of our convenience zone to be able to see the success that is just over the following obstacle? If you stand still, you will certainly be sure to constantly hold on to what you have right currently, however, if you keep creating forward, the high of the possibilities on the roadway you end up on, though the riskier selection, might be much above what you currently understand.

2. Chasing the Chase?

Individuals spend a great deal of their lives wanting they had something apart from what they have. I started thinking of whether or not it’s humanity to be happier when we are yearning for something than if we were to in fact accomplish it! On the various other hand, are we sure our objectives are really in alignment with what we require for ourselves, or have we shed view along the road as to why we are also getting to towards them?

3. Stop Bad Habits Forever! Simple Six Step System to Stop Any Bad Habit

A straightforward 6 step system to break any type of bad practice forever. By recognizing the 6 stages needed to stop any kind of poor habit, a simple 6 action system can be made use of to dominate any type of behaviors such as: drinking, substance ab use, lack of confidence, overindulging, under eating, staying in a violent relationship,for life.

4. Guilty Or Not Guilty of Self Punishing Thoughts?

Some individuals run marathons, I run my mouth. I had a marathon phone day previously this week and captured up with a number of old friends. There appears to be a lot to do around Xmas time, yet it is also a time I think of the several good friends I have actually had the privilege of recognizing.

5. When is it Alright to Say ‘I Give Up’?

“Patience is a merit.” We have heard it so several times. We recognize that it is. Yet why do we shed it sometimes? As a matter of fact, when are we allowed to surrender? When do we state we’re done with this, we’re done with that, so we can additionally proceed? Involve think about it, actually, patience may be a virtue however we must also recognize that there’s a fine line between being person and being foolish.

6. Give Yourself a New Lease on Life by Skydiving

Why not gamble? Life is all about possibility, some individuals take them as well as accomplish things, a few other people rest back as well as play it risk-free as well as never ever really go far. The concern you really need to ask on your own if you are questioning what kind of person you are, is would certainly you go skydiving?

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Nathalie LazoFinally! Someone who is so influential in the area of relationships, lays it all out on how marriage is not the answer to all problems. Marriage isn’t a fantasy. The work has to be done within us to have a greater life and marriage enhances it while work is being continued to be worked on within. The more work is being done within, the better our lives are and the hotter our marriage is. Thank you for this!

MariaI love him identifying jealousy as insecurities based on past fears and cautioning not to bring your past partners into your current relationships. I also believe manipulation is a form of insecurity and it’s saying to people, ‘I’m not enough, so I have to play games to attract or keep a person attracted.’ There’s a difference between manipulation and healthy boundaries.

ElizabethThis types of conversations with substance, meaning and intention, are what we’re missing out there in our society. We would all be going in the right direction if we practiced this more. It’s so hard to find someone to connect with in such way, but I’m hopeful. Thank you!

Shaheeda DollieWhen two people begin to investigate each other’s character with the possibility of marriage in mind, the must establish between them a level of openness and close communication. They will themselves determine if, when and how they will share past and personal experiences.

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