Cashier Sha-mes Woman For Not Having Enough Food Stamps Then A Strangers Stand Up For Her – VIDEO


There are still many people around us which are still relied on food stamps for buying their groceries, however, the main point is, these people are also human beings who need to buy food to eat. In the market or store, if you saw a woman buying groceries or food items, but she didn’t have enough food stamps to pay the whole bill, what would you do, would you sympathize with her condition, help her or look down upon her.

A well-known show What would you do? has pulled our heartstrings by an incident yet again. The show was hosted by John Quinone, and a set of actors portray some difficult situations publically, and the show focuses on the reactions of the strangers passing by. The show even helps the people who are a little short on cash.

The scenarios portrayed in the show are based on real-life events that have occurred in the past and are used in the episode. They are so heart-touching and in most of the episodes, the viewers have to reach the tissue.

Recently, the show portrays a scenario in an episode, where a woman was buying groceries using her food stamps, but she was not able to pay the whole bill as she was $12 short. The cashier is not happy with the situation and started looking down on the female customer. It’s when it caught the attention of the real customers (not actors) in the market. The show portrays the incident at Albertson’s grocery store, where the cashier starts making shameful remarks and accusing the customer, because she was not able to pay her bill in whole, because of the shortage of food stamps. There are many people who require government aid for feeding their families. So, it is a normal occurrence, the actor in the episode was portraying the same situation.

When the cashier found that the customer’s food stamps are $12 short.

To this, when the customer asked if she had some food stamps which she can use, the cashier started passing nasty comments to her, which called the attention of the real customers in line behind her. At this moment, the female customer standing behind her steps in to pay her remaining balance. The cashier keeps making abusive remarks about the system. After that many customers also stepped in to offer help to the customer. One of the customers, was himself dealing with the financial situation but stepped in to help her.

Just when the things started heating up to the point he cannot simmer further, John Quinones, the host appeared. Some of the customers smiled as soon as they saw John Quinones, as they know the show already. One of the customer when being asked why she wanted to help the needy customer, she said, “It’s the human things to do.” The generosity and kindness of the customers shown in the show have restored our faith in humanity once again.

We should all help the people in need as much as we can do and whenever we can.

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