Valuable Lesson About Setting Expectations In A Marriage – Video


On the final episode of Black Love Doc, movie exec and Pastor, DeVon Franklin and actress wife Meagan Good shared a valuable lesson they learned early in their marriage about setting expectations. In the episode that airs Saturday night on OWN, the couple shared how in the beginning of their marriage, Meagan Good always cooked, but when she was called away to film the tv show “Deception,” the cooked meals became less.

Franklin in the clip jokingly says he had to fend for himself.“Let’s put this in perspective,” Meagan Good said. “When we got married, I was never really the cook for anyone kind of person, I was more of a order in person, food person, so I cooked for that time and then I went away to film the show which was about six months and when I came back.

I was exhausted. You know you’re doing 18 hour days 5 days a week and you’re in every single scene for six months straight, you don’t want to do nothing for about six months straight.”

In the end, the couple learned a valuable lesson about setting expectations in a marriage from Franklin’s aunt. “One of my aunts said, ‘don’t ever start something that you can’t finish.

However you start out is how you want to end up,’” Franklin revealed in the middle of sharing the story, to which Meagan agreed and said,”I did learn that, that was a very good lesson.”

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Adeline Proverbs31they are beautiful. I am proud of them both. May God bless their marriage and family.

Afroindia42Meagan is such a sweetie…love her whole vibe. Good for them!

QL LShe truly looks happy, I’m happy for her. On another note I really wished she didn’t get her eyebrows tattooed and also that her show Deception was still on TV

Lisbeth RdzI admired their marriage perspectives!!! I’m waiting.

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