Single Mom-Of-Two Pizza Delivery Driver Is Moved To Tears When Chicago Church Showers Her With Incredible Tip – Video


A pizza delivery driver was brought to tears after she was surprised with an incredible tip during a church service in Chicago. On Sunday, February 25, Pastor Wilfredo De Jesús of the New Life Covenant Church ordered a pizza with the intentions of surprising and honoring the delivery person. He called up the Domino’s delivery driver, single mother-of-two Monique Hall, and asked her how much she usually gets in tip money.

After saying that it was $5, Pastor Wilfredo handed her $100 and asked if 10 people in the congregation would be willing to tip her as well.

In a video posted to social media last week, an astounding 89 parishioners got up and gave a tip to Hall, who was seen breaking down in tears over the gesture. ‘I was nervous. I did not understand why so many people had stood up for a pizza delivery person,’ Hall told WGN on Friday. She continued: ‘I definitely wasn’t expecting it, but I knew that I had been struggling for a long time being a single parent, and not having their father in their life, it takes a real damper on you, especially trying to make ends meet.

‘So when they did that, I was overwhelmed and I was shocked. I felt so loved by them – all I could do was cry.’ The video has been viewed more than 5.6 million times, has more than 79,000 reactions and has been shared more than 141,500 times. Hall was also given a Bible, a gift bag and a prayer from Pastor Wilfredo. He explained that for the entire month of February, he had been challenging church members to honor everyday people.

‘We want to let you know, here at New Life Covenant Church, that whether you have a church to worship in or not, we want you to know that you’re welcome here,’ Pastor Wilfredo said during the prayer. ‘You’ll always remember this day that you were marked by God. It could of been any other restaurant, any other person, but it was you,’ Pastor Wilfredo said during the prayer.

Hall told WGN she made sure to spread the church’s message by sharing the tips she received with her coworkers.’I felt like some of my coworkers were just the same as me, in the same place. So it was only right that I give to them, since I was given to,’ Hall said.

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E KoopaThis is how JESUS really wanted us to be. this just brought some hope back to me for humanity. I love this teacher and his congregation one love to all.

Renie HandlerHeard this lady went back to work and shared this money with her coworkers. Wow!!!!

godblesschild808I do that too I gave a big tip today to my waitress for mothers day and she was so happy

Drew Y.I pray one day to be in a position to give back like this.

NightFlowercan i just say one thing? these kind of videos literally took me out of zone. Life often feels like too much and i wished way to many times just to be done with it, and it’s now my main goal to keep on track so i can be in position to help people like this someday.

This is literally my main motivation.

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