What Meagan Good And DeVon Franklin Want You To Know About Abstinence – Video

Meagan Good, an actress, and DeVon Franklin the former Senior Vice President of Columbia TriStar Pictures and a producer, tied the knot in June 2012. Prior to their marriage they practiced abstinence and wrote a book on how that experience helped shape their relationship. “The Wait,” a book that discusses their 13-month abstinence journey and offers advice for men and women who are navigating through love and relationships was released in earlier this month, by Good and Franklin.

The couple’s practice of abstinence made them attempt to dispel what they see as myths about abstinence including the notion that refraining from s-x means omitting intimacy altogether.Franklin said in an interview with The Huffington Post that according to him, it is still “important” to find intimacy through other means without engaging in s-xual inter course, it could be, communication etc.

“This is one of the other things that we’re trying to dispel… when you practice the wait that you aren’t supposed to acknowledge that you have an attraction to each other”. It’s important, she added, that when a couple gets married they should still have passion and chemistry, as they will be “vital”. Good added that she believes s-xual intercourse shouldn’t define a relationship, rather it should simply help enhance it.

She said “Anyone who really wants to be with you and really wants to get to know you, and really wants a future with you is going to be willing to take the steps to want to get to know you in a way that will set you up for that future. And anyone who is not willing to get to know you that way is probably not wanting the same thing that you’re wanting long term. I would just encourage if you’re on your wait walk and you fall off the horse, just get back on and don’t give up.”


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