Homeless Man Who Returned $10k Check To Owner Gets A Brand New Home – Video


Elmer Alvarez was living the nightmare. He was homeless with no ray of hope for a better future. But, destiny had something else for him. While living his miserable life in the streets, he found a check of $10,000 dollars. In a situation like his, anyone would have encashed the check for a good fortune but his honesty stopped him.

He returned the check to the owner because to him, it was the right thing to do. And, who says honesty doesn’t pay these days? Mr. Alvarez has been rewarded with a house along with a job interview and free real estate classes!

He found the check on a street in New Haven, Connecticut and he reached out to Dr. Roberta Hoskie to return it. Moved by his honesty despite living a life with nearly no money, Dr.

Hoskie arranged a place for Mr. Alvarez to live and arranged an interview with one of her business acquaintances. Out of sheer gratitude, she also offered free classes for him in her real estate school because she hopes that it would help Mr. Alvarez to live a better life in the future.

Once homeless, Dr. Hoskie truly feels how difficult life can be for a homeless person. She had one condition for him – whenever Mr. Alvarez gets back onto his feet, he must help other homeless people.

It was all very emotional for both of them when she revealed the award for his honesty with a home. He couldn’t thank her enough and God for turning his life in an unexpectedly beautiful way. He was also given a certificate of gratitude by Dr. Hoskie. To Mr. Alvarez, there are angels in heaven and on Earth, when he returned the check with sheer honesty and expected nothing in return, the miracle happened.