This 11 Years Old’s Girl Turned A Lemonade Stand Into An $11 Million Business – Video


A girl from Texas who is just 11 years old just got a great $11 million as a deal with Whole Foods to get her sell the lemonade she use to make. The name of this girl is Mikaila Ulmer and her so called “BeeSweet Lemonade” will be made available in more than 55 stores in the city of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

After estimating the power of this girl’s lemonade the company called “Whole Foods” decided to sell it in their regional stores.

After viewing the results of the sale of Mikaila Ulmer’s lemonade the company may decide to sell it all over the nation. A girl from Austin, Texas who studies in 6th grade has designed her name as “Me & The Bees Lemonade” to make a stand in this business which is spread nationwide.

The recipe of Mikaila’s lemonade contains a mixture of flaxseed, honey lemonade and tasty mint, and this is a recipe that she got from ‘Helen’, her great-grandmother. Ulmer donates a good quantity of her lemonade to foundations that rescues bees. Some associates of BeeSweet lemonade are Sustainable Food center, Texas Beekeepers Association and Heifer International.

As per the NBCBLK, Mikaila got interested in making lemonade after she got stung by bees two times at the age of four. According to an interview with NBC, Mikaila said that ‘It was painful. I was petrified of bees’. Mikaila began her research on bees after being inclined to do so by her mother D’Andra. Mikaila’s grandmother got this recipe in the year 1940 and after knowing the fact that bees may be extinct in few years from now, Mikaila decided to use the recipe to help bees by raising money from honey lemonade.

Irrespective of the fact that crops worth more than $15 billion are pollinated by bees every year, Mikaila said that ‘bees are loosing life’ in her interview with NBC.