Mom Moved To Tears As Her Fourteen Year Old Makes History As Youngest Person To Graduate College In Texas – Video


A 14 year becomes the youngest person to graduate college In Texas. Tears of joy roll down from his mom’s cheek.

Carson Huey-You has become the talk of the town overnight by displaying his intellectual skills. He graduated from Texas Christian University with Physics major at the tender age of 14 years. He was one among the 2000 students who received degrees from Fort Worth school on Saturday. Apart from Physics, he had Mathematics and Chinese as minor subjects. He has the aim of graduating and getting a doctorate in quantum mechanics. His achievements have made him popular already, and his name would soon find a spot in the history book.

Carson Huey-You is a humble person who doesn’t acknowledge himself as any different from a random guy of his age. When people call him a celebrity or genius, he shies away and addresses himself as a regular guy. He is four years older than the youngest graduate of the world, and he first came into the limelight in 2013 by entering the university at 11 years of age.

He is graduated as a co-valedictorian in his school. However, the new surrounding of his college scared him because the classes were way more complicated than his expectations, particularly subjects like general chemistry II, American Environmental History, and classical mechanics classes used to scare Carson the most.

In the newspaper, Carsen said that it was much intimidating as his high school premise was in one building, and it was relatively more minor compared to the massive campus with tons of students. He also added that he got used to it as TCU was very accommodating and positively influenced him. A local paper also said that after getting bad scores, he used to be very disappointed and think about it all the time, that he should have known the answer and should have done it in a better way. He also added that he knows how to deal with disappointments and believes he will bounce back. Carsen gets fascinated by many small things in quantum physics.

According to the 14-year-old boy, quantum mechanics deals with tiny things. In his statement, he also adds that computers, smartphones, and electronics all run on quantum mechanics. If anyone wants smaller technology to fit in smaller spaces, then quantum mechanics would need it. The whizz kid also shared the spotlight with his 10-year-old brother Cannon.

Cannon graduated from Accommodated Learning Academy- the same school his brother attended. Cannon also headed towards Texas Christian Academy to study physics, astronomy, and engineering. Both the brothers have sufficient talent on their resumes that makes their mother Claretta Kimp proud, and yet she sheds tears as it’s a prestigious moment for her son to receive his diploma. Claretta wants her son to grow up and be a selfless individual who will pay back to society.