Adorable Moment Schoolchildren Line Up To Shake The Duchess’ Hand – Then Go In For Bear Hugs Instead – Video


When I was a child, I idolized Princess Diana. If I had the opportunity to meet her, you better believe I would have gone in for a big bear hug! So, I truly respect the kids from Bond Primary School in Mitcham, South London. They had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to embrace the Duchess of Cambridge and they took it.

The excited primary school pupils wanted to make the most of the few moments they had with Duchess Kate when she visited their school today.

Pregnant Kate, 35, visited the school to see the work of the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative. When it came time for her to leave, the pupils she had met politely lined up to shake hands with their royal visitor. But the first child in the queue, a little girl, reached out for a cuddle instead. Duchess Kate was very happy to oblige – giving the kids parents pictures they will treasure for a lifetime.

After the first girl had her royal hug, her classmates followed her lead. It was a busy morning for the Duchess who also visited Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. During the visit, Kate met staff caring for young patients and spoke to doctors carrying out cutting edge research to help the most seriously ill children. Kate officially opened the new Premier Inn Clinical Building. After officially opening the building, the Duchess gave a short speech saying she’d been very ‘impressed’ on her first visit to the hospital.

‘I’d like to thank you for having me here today,’ she said. ‘It’s been my first visit to great Ormond Street and I’ve been so impressed by everything I’ve seen and the scale of the work going on here. ‘It’s been wonderful to meet so many families and young people. I’ve been so inspired by their bravery and courage at such a difficult time.’ ‘My main message is congratulations to you all. It means so much to the families, both to the parents and children. You can see the real family element the hospital brings at such a difficult time.’

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Shy MinatozakiI really love how she bends whenever she talks to children.

saturnia22Theres the tell right there, she ‘kneels’ a bit to talk to the girls at their level and holds a conversation with them, that’s her style-she’s a mum too and understands. People need to stop comparing her to Diana, this is Kate; and this is what she does, she’s a decent person to begin with so it’s natural that she would be sincere in her approach to people. One can argue she is far more natural in front of the camera and speaking publicly than her late Mother-in-law who spoke in stilted sentences when giving a speech -and there was nothing wrong with that, it’s simply Kate’s style to be more at ease. William showed her the ropes very well.

Agnieszka KozlowskaI wish people would stop comparing her to princess Diana . They are both 2 different people. I think she was very good with the children and I think its unfair to judge her from one second of her expression.

linda blackmoreShe’s absolutely classy, gorgeous and far from phoney! Kate does her job so well! If Princess Diana could see, she’d be beyond happy and proud of her Will’s!

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