Church Opens Its Doors To Hundreds Of Homeless, Giving Them A Roof To Sleep Under, And Transforming Their Lives – Video


The most expensive city of US, San Francisco is in news again because of the growing homeless population all over. All we need after a hectic day at work and after tons of tantrums of our boss is a peaceful sleep in a comfortable bed with the air conditioner serving the purpose of rejuvenating our sense.

But because of the increasing cost of living in US this conditions is not possible and they have no option rather than spending nights in open areas.

With increasing rents and decreasing salaries more than 7000 people are living homeless in San Francisco and have made the country rank on number 10 in the population of homes residents across the globe.

The church has taken a great initiative for such homeless ones and has opened its gates for them to sleep inside every night with help of Gubbio project. The goal of the Gubbio Project is to assist by offering the homeless with places where they can stay.

There are two distinct places supplied and each of them homes 225 individuals per evening.

There is no need for log outs. Guests are also provided with other types of treatment they need. The care and courtesy provided is unlimited.

This shows how generiosity of the Church and the people of San Francisco who are ready to help the homeless residents so that they can lead a comfortable life with basic necessities.