3 Neighbors Ignore Little Boy After He Misses School Bus—Then This Guy Takes Matters Into His Own Hands


Do you answer the door when you’re not expecting company? I know I don’t. It could be anyone out there, and I usually don’t want to find out just who it is. After hearing this story, though, I just might change my mind. Brian Smith recently woke up to the sound of someone knocking on his front door.

The father of one was confused at first but answered the knocking when he realized a young boy was standing outside. Brian had never seen the young man before. But he quickly learned this boy needed help.

Brian was shocked at what the young boy was asking — and didn’t even hesitate to help him out. Keep on scrolling to learn what this young boy asked Brian to help him with — and why Brian’s act of selfless kindness was so important for this young man’s future.

Meet Brian Smith. According to his Social media, Brian is a father of one living in Kansas City, On August 18, Brian woke up to the sound of someone knocking on his front door. He was confused but answered anyway.

Brian learned that the young boy at his door needed a ride to school. He had missed the bus and had knocked on three other doors before Brian’s. He had no other way to get to school — so Brian didn’t hesitate. He happily gave the young man a ride to school. Brian’s move may seem a little risky, because you never know a stranger’s motives, but his selflessness inspired many people online. His post has been shared over 100,000 times.

Others pointed out that this young boy is admirable as well. If it were me, I probably would have gone back to bed and missed a day of school — but this student’s dedication to his education is heartw arming. Both Brian and his neighbor were courageous in this situation: the student, in his willingness to ask for help, and Brian, in his selfless act of kindness. Not only did Brian help this young boy get to school, but he also set a great example for his daughter. As Brian points out in his post, the youth are our future, and their education is priceless.

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