Piggly Wiggly Employee Returns Purse Containing $300 And Iphone Gets Rewarded In A Big Way- Video


Honesty goes a long way. And it sure did for a young teenager in Birmingham when he went viral for his act of honesty. Antoine Starr – a worker at Piggy Wiggly in Forestdale; found a wallet with close to 300$ and a phone inside a buggy at the store. He was putting the buggies in, and he saw the purse.

He quickly picked it up. What he did next is something young teenagers should look up to. He took the purse and phone to his manager on duty and they kept it in their safe.

Sheila spencer – the owner of that purse and phone – posted on social media that she lost them in a buggy at the store on Wednesday. When she called the store, it was there – safe and sound, all thanks to Antonie.

Soon Sheila posted on Social media praising Antoine’s honesty saying “Let’s make this post go viral, to show other young men and ladies that there is honor in doing the right thing.” The post went viral with around 100,000 likes on social media. The post got a lot of attention that all those who met Antoine congratulated him for his honesty.

“Everybody likes Antoine. Great kid” said Piggy Wiggy store manager Jason Amstrong. ‘If it had been anybody else; it would have been long gone. He did it because it was the right thing to do’ – added Jason. What Antoine himself had to comment on this was something young boys and girls should understand. He said that if it was his things, that was lost – he would have wanted it back. He wouldn’t have wanted it to be taken away.

Antoine was rewarded for his good deed when spencer gave him 100$ as a token of appreciation for his honesty. ‘There are a lot of good kids in the world and they should be inspired by Antoine’s good deed. It’s not hard. It’s all Heart’ – was what everyone had to say. Sure enough, that Wednesday turned out good for Antoine and a lesson to be learned for others as well.