Bus Driver Stops And Grabs Elderly Man At Bus Stop, Without Knowing He’s Being Filmed – Video


Gene Hubbard has been diagnosed with diabetes, and the doctors have made it clear, that from now on his life would change forever. The man has to monitor his bl-ood sugar levels and administer his insulin injections. Additionally, the disease could betray him and unfortunately, his vision was affected by diabetes, but he didn’t lose his hope and didn’t let the blindness interfere with his life.

For the past 20 years, Gene Hubbard was not able to see, but continues to work full time, travel by public transport, and is living an independent and healthy lifestyle.

Gene has memorized routes, a series of maps, and a schedule, so he could travel without any issue. But suddenly his usual path got hindered because of construction but was saved by a special someone right on time. For the past 20 years, every day, Gene, a 69-year-old Milwaukee resident has been taking a bus for his work. Despite being blind, he is a self-reliant person and is dedicated to his job.

Recently, the intersection at Gene’s bus stop went under construction.

The plethora of road barrels and cones threw him off his ability to navigate. It not only made things confusing but also incredibly dan-gerous for him. In an interview with WITI, Gene said, “If I don’t have a regular locating point to start from, I may as well be in the middle of the ocean.” One day, Gene was struggling to find his way to his normal stop. It could be seen that he was in some kind of distress. The bus driver, Thaddaus Turner, a young man, realized that Gene is disoriented, baffled and worried about the change in his route, he decided to help him out.

Thaddaus Turner stopped the bus, in the middle of his route, took his keys out of the ignition and approached Gene. He helped Gene to get to his usual route. With the help of the bus driver, Thaddaus Turner, he was able to reach his home safely. A bystander realized what was happening and immediately took his phone to snap a photo and made a video to capture the moment for all to see.