Donated Cars And Cash Flood In To South Carolina Mechanic Who Fixes Them And Gives Them Away To Those In Need – Video


A few weeks ago, CBS News profiled a South Carolina mechanic who fixes old cars and donates them to rural families without a ride. The response to the story was astounding: People have offered to donate nearly 800 cars to the cause. “My phone started exploding from all over the place,” mechanic Eliot Middleton told CBS News.

“Whatever glowing feeling is inside me, it just transferred from that TV screen and went inside them,” he said, describing the response as “soul-soothing.” As CBS News previously reported, Middleton’s yard is a ceme-tery of used cars.

He gives the clunkers new life, to help those in South Carolina’s low country. “There’s no public transportation,” Middleton told CBS News in June. “There’s no Ubers, there’s no taxis or nothing like that.”

Some of the recipients of the fixed cars are single moms, jobs seekers and older folks with doctor’s appointments. Last Christmas, he gave a 2004 Suzuki to single mom Jessica Litchfield — who described his work as “a lifesaver.” “Some folks don’t believe it,” Middleton said. “It’s like, ‘No, that’s not my car.'”

When asked if it gives him a buzz to help those in need, Middleton said, “It’s beyond anything in this world.” Middleton’s sister is helping organize the overwhelming response to his good deeds — which also includes more than $100,000 in cash donations.

When asked if he ever could have imagined such a response, Middleton said “never in this lifetime.”

This is how people reacted to this post:

Shaye VondeKemptGood for him. So nice of him to do that. I love a happy, positive story. It let’s everyone know that there is still good people in this world.

Scott TaylorI don’t care what anybody says somebody needs to buy him a brand new vehicle and if I had it I would go to South Carolina and honor that man with whatever he wants

UKindness4A real American patriot. Unlike all the well off people I know that would not even help with giving their car to someone in need. Too selfish. He is what Americans should be.

Desiderio GonzalezYou can tell he’s genuinely happy about helping out. He didn’t even plug his bbq business by name. Not that he couldn’t have….I just found that pretty cool.

John HughesA good dad had much to do with Eliot’s skills and heart. His dad taught him how to be a man, not an adult boy, and that involved having purpose and a tender heart. Those two things and I am sure other things set the framework for a life well lived!

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