Meet The ‘Water Man’ Who Drives For Hours And Deliver Truckload Of Water To Thirsty Animals – Video


He’s like no delivery man you’ve ever heard of. Patrick Kilonzo Mwalau, dubbed “the Elephant Guardian,” is saving animals by delivering water to them in dry regions of Tsavo, Kenya, and a fundraising page created five months ago to fund his efforts has raised over $90,000 so far. In a message on his GoFundMe page, Mwalau said water has become “a very precious commodity” and will continue to be until November, when rain is again expected to fall.

“This has got us all very worried of losing many animals from antelopes to elephants if nothing is done very urgently,” it says. “Some years back we lost many animals including elephants due to a prolonged drought. Elephants are becoming endangered from poaching and we need to save the ones we have left by providing water for them until the drought peril is over.”

Mwalau and his team, the Tsavo Volunteers, rent water trucks to deliver 12,000 liters of water at least four times a week, at a cost of $250 for each tank. They drive about 27 miles and distribute it to animals at two different locations. “We have many elephants concentrating in very few water holes brawl to drink water and this has made the smaller elephants lacking water,” the page says. ” They become very thirsty and they end up spending a lot of time and energy walking very far distances with young ones searching for water.”

Mwalau had one of his craziest deliveries “I just got a call that animals don’t have water completely and immediately called my driver of the truck to fill the truck with water and within 2 hour time we managed to deliver the water,” he wrote on his Social media page. “It was dark and was so [scary] delivering water while the buffaloes surrounding our truck because they got smell of water.

They were drinking as we were delivering and I could see dark big giants standing besides us and some coming towards our truck with no fear for we have precious commodity they missed. We need to triple our delivery if possible for now it is very, very dry!! Please, kindly go to our donation link and let us all help this situation out.”

The animals are often waiting for him to arrive with the delivery. “I found no water at all and animals were right resting at the waterhole waiting for my truck and quench their thirst,” he wrote on Social media. “It is unbelievable how they have known the truck and they just wait patiently for water and surrounding the truck as we deliver. They don’t ha-rm us because they know we are helping …”

Despite the dan-ger that comes with these deliveries, Mwalau is dedicated to the cause which has received a lot of attention from media outlets and news stations in recent days, sparking an influx of donations. “This month we should do a lot for animals and have permanent solutions because we are getting more donations,” he wrote. “Want to thank my team and every donor in making this happen.

I will continue delivering water until it rains.”

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kishore KrishYou will be recognized someday for the decent work you have done…saving animals is like saving mother earth…you will b honoured…if I come across to meet I would take a hug from u…great job.

pritam negi Just make my day, amazing people, gives amazing vibes. I wish I could also contribute once I become financially well settled. Getting blessing from animals is unique way to thank Mother Earth for creating such a beautiful wildlife.

Josh BlountThere is a special place in heaven for people like him.

Let’s hope his final day doesn’t come anytime soon.

Emily AmagatosDear Patrick, thank you very much for your noble activities for the animals! I am following you from the very beginning and am glad that you are having such a big success! You really deserve it! But this morning, I learned about your ki-dney problems and it broke my heart. We all love you! We want you to stay strong and healthy, my angel! The world needs you!!! So, please, allow me to give you an advise from the curanderos, the wise Indian medicine men from Central and South America: Take a soup spoon of lemon and another of olive oil and drink it every morning on empty stomach. I took it just as a preventing medicine and was surprised when my kidney stones were coming out – without even having known of their existence! If this simple recipe could save you from the dyalisis, I would be the happiest person in the world! And I also hope you are vegan or vegetarian, as it would contribute to your hopefully soon complete recuperation. I will visit you one day, as soon as Covid 19 allows it. Big hug, my hero!!!

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