From Homeless To High-Fashion: Teen Who Grows Up In Shelters Makes His Date A Prom Dress That Turns His Life Around – Video


When Jimelle Levon was in fifth grade, he and his mother became homeless. He faced many challenges while growing up. For many years he kept shuffling from shelter to shelter together with his mother. From the very young age, Jimelle would pick all kinds of jobs, so that he could earn some money for himself and his mother.

Jimelle told to WCMH “Me and my mother lived in a shelter before, when I was in fifth grade. From there on, once I cuff sixth grade, I was always a hard worker, either shoveling the snow or anything to gain money, because I didn’t want to be in the predicament anymore.” Jimelle had always been hard working and he learned sewing.

Jimelle got inspired by a movie “Coming to America”, and he sewed a suit for himself for the prom night. He also crafted a beautiful gown for his date with golden thread works and appliqués.

When Jimelle shared the pictures on social media, it went viral. He gained popularity and he got the attention of Steve Harvey to appear on his show. Jimelle is now a full time student at Clark Atlanta University. Jimelle is popular among his friends and he now has business of his own. He stitches custom made gowns and sells each gown at $450.

Jimelle says he has got plenty of orders and he is very busy these days. He says “I’ve been super busy. I can’t hang out with friends anymore, I was working two jobs before I started doing prom dresses… I feel like giving up sometimes because it gets overwhelming. But the day I see them off to prom and how beautiful they look and how much they love their dress it’s all worth it. ”

Jimelle is a local inspiration for everyone and his hard work has paid off.