Waitress Tells Customer Her Son’s Name Not Knowing He’d Come Back To Change Her Life – Video


Hannah Hill is a working mother at Waffle House. With one kid under her care already, and another on the way, she’s got her hands full.
Working when you’re expecting a child is not easy in the slightest, but someone had to put food on the table.

Hannah is one of countless working mothers who need to make sacrifices for their children, and they never get enough credit.

Being in service work is particularly more hectic than other jobs. Being pregnant in the office might be tough, but at least you can take a seat. Expecting a child while you stand up the whole day preparing food is a different story. There’s the hormone changes, migraines, and the obvious weight of your child. I think the point’s been made pretty well : It’s incredibly hard to work when you’re pregnant. So who was going to cut Hannah some slack?

Well, we’re about to find out.

With all those customers coming in and out, Hannah was truly feeding more mouths than just those of her kids. She was doing all this in a widespread, no less. But with a set minimum wage, an economy affected by the widespread and the unpredictability of pregnancy, Hannah couldn’t guarantee her income for her kids that easily. One thing she didn’t count on was help from a stranger. To be fair, none of us count on that a lot either. Is it because we have such little faith in other people that we don’t bother?

A chance to come into with the right customer is where Hannah found herself.

Eusebio Phelps, a pastor from Henry County, was in the Waffle House branch with his family.

Though the waffles weren’t the only things giving off a sweetness here. After Eusebio and his family ordered their waffles and saw Hannah as their waitress, Eusebio was instantly moved by the hardworking, expecting mom.

Hannah was nothing but pleasant and sweet, and willing to work despite her obvious baby bump.

Curious to know who this hardworking, expectant mother was, Eusebio pounded up a conversation with her to learn more. He was instantly moved at the sacrifices she was making in order to provide for her kids. Though there was something else about Hannah that Eusebio and his family were intrigued by. They just couldn’t put their finger on what exactly it was.

Hannah’s second child was due during the widespread. This put her in a pretty tough financial spot, prompting Eusebio to tip her as much as he could.

Though Eusebio soon got the answer as to why he and his family felt this odd connection to Hannah.

Her son, who was due soon, was to be named Samuel. This wasn’t anything short of symbolic, maybe even spiritual to them. Eusebio had a son named Samuel, whom he lost 7 years earlier. What’s more, the anniversary of his son’s passing was coming up when he’d encountered Hannah.

Could this really be a coincidence?

Eusebio spoke to his wife. He was sure that they’d met Hannah for a reason, and he wasn’t going to just take his meal and leave. The pastor and father already tipped her $40, but that wasn’t enough. So he got to planning and started a fundraiser for the woman. He was doing this for both his Samuel and hers.

Hannah was going to need a lot of help for 2 kids, and thankfully, she got it!

Eusebio’s leading of the fundraiser saw them make $12,000 in donations. For sure, enough to cover all the diapers, medical expenses, clothes, baby formula and so much more. From one Samuel’s family to another, Eusebio’s gesture was nothing short of a blessing to Hannah.

In part, thanks to the reminder that Samuel was still present in Eusebio’s life – a blessing to him in its own right.

Hannah and Eusebio’s blessed meeting is overwhelmingly sweet and heartwarming, especially how their sons seem to have brought their families together. Watch the story of these two loving families helping each other down below, and please share this article as well!

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Tam KellyAww see we need more stories like this. This is happening all over the US and all we get is doom and gloom most of the time on the main streams .we want to see the great stuff! Not just the oh no let me go hide stuff. The world is crazy. We need to heat the good things more

RoyceWith the way things are going in the world today, this is truly beautiful! Happy to see there still is good people out there!

Robert DrennanThe best congratulations that’s the best congratulations a woman could ever have congratulations

David FromingEusebio Phelps, you are definitely one of gods workers!!! God Bless you and your family!

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