Mom Quick To Record Cop When She Catches Him Sprawled Out On Floor Playing With Girls Afraid Of Him – Video


The cops are here to serve and protect the common people. And sometimes, that even means playing with dolls. South Hill Po-lice Cpl. C.B. Fleming, after having a hard day of laying down the law and catching the cr-iminals, wanted to relax and unwind with Barbie dolls, playing with them. Fleming was doing his job, when he heard the news of a possible gas leak at Mecklenburg Manor in South Hill, Virginia on Valentine’s Day.

When the emergency crew found that there was no longer any threat to the life, and limb wasn’t a part of his job description, he went down.

That’s when Fleming found some kids playing and hanging around outside an apartment. He wanted the kids to feel safe, as he has gone through a da-ngerous experience. So, he wanted to spread some cheer. He wanted to cheer up the children playing out the apartment and so Cpl. Fleming dropped to the ground and started playing with the kid and her Barbie doll, to appear less of a threat.

Soon, Fleming earned the trust of the children and started playing with the dolls with girls and coloring books with the boys. Looks like, that was more productive and fun than filling out paperwork. It shows that people need positivity. The scene of a officer playing with kids was seen by 28-year-old Iesha Roper-Boswell. She saw that Fleming was playing with Barbie with her daughter and niece, so she immediately took out her smartphone and captured the images and recorded the video of the unusual behavior of a officer.

In an interview with WTVR, Iesha Roper-Boswell said that she did not do this to get attention, clicks, or likes. On the other hand, Cpl. Fleming was caught red-handed goofing around on duty, but hopefully, his boss would let this incident slide, because he most likely stuck to the rules and didn’t color outside the lines. He said, “It’s something I’ve always tried to do.”

Normally the media does not portray the cops as having a good image.Fleming’s goal was to be seen as more than a just blight on people’s radar. Fleming didn’t want to become another cop who is working just to earn a paycheck, so he decided to reach out to the community on his level. He takes the kindness of the community very seriously.

Iesha, an aunt and mom, adores Cpl. Fleming. She said that the genuine interest of the officer in the kids of the neighborhood and what he has done for them can be seen. One of the followers’ comments, “He is a man that takes his job seriously and not only honors his vows to protect and serve. But goes the extra mile to build real relationships with the people he protects and serves. Thank you, sir.” We need more cops like him who would reach out to the community and could make them feel safe.