8-Year-Old Boy Stops Traffic To Help Struggling Senior Up Flight of Stairs – Video


Random acts of kindness are opportunities each of us gets to show people we may have never met that they matter. While the recipients of random acts of kindness will be thankful for the good shown to them, the doer also benefits from the act. Doing something good for someone promotes feelings of positivity and community in people, instilling pride, and the feeling of belonging.

In a now-viral story out of Georgia, a young boy helped an elderly person with limited mobility get home.

8-year-old Maurice Adams Jr. of Milledgeville was with his mom and sister when he noticed an elderly woman with a walker struggling to get up some stairs near her home. As they passed by in their car, Maurice asked his mom, Contricia Hill, if he could help her. After his mom pulled the car to the side of the ride, Maurice went out to help.

Approaching the elderly lady, Maurice put his arm around her and guided her up the steps. Little by little, Maurice supported the elderly lady as she went home, helping her lift her walker up each step. When they had reached the top, the lady whispered, “Thank you son.” Calling him a very special boy, the elderly woman also gave Maurice a big hug.

His mission complete, Maurice returned to his mom’s car and they went on their way. Unbeknownst to the little boy, the elderly woman’s neighbor, Riley Duncan, filmed Maurice’s good deed when he was out walking. Riley was so impressed by Maurice’s random act of kindness that he posted it to Social media with the caption “Thank God for our youth.” After only a few days, Riley’s video garnered a massive 13 million views and thousands of likes.

Those who have commented on the video applaud Maurice for being so polite and helping the woman. Later on, Riley was able to find Contricia’s profile on Social media and arrange a one-on-one meeting with Maurice, who he awarded $100 for his selfless act.

Riley’s post eventually attracted the attention of the local news media, who were eager to interview Maurice. Ever humble, Maurice says that he simply saw that the elderly woman was struggling and wanted to help. In the end, Maurice’s random act of kindness if proof that you do not have to do much to make a difference in the world. Maurice’s decision to simply help the elderly lady up her stairs showed her that the world cared for her and made her life better. If we would all behave like Maurice and help each other, the world would be a far better place.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Edwina SammalsWhat a kind & thoughtful young man you are. Well done

Sharon SmithAwesome young man being brought up in a good home showing love and compassion. He is a hero !

Reggie BrookerThis young man is being brought up by very kind parents. Mom and Dad keep up the fantastic job, you’ve taught him well. You should be very proud of your young man.

Vivian CallwoodMay God bless his heart, and all who stop to help their fellowman.

Dianne PhillipsBeautiful young man should be so proud of himself and he will grow up to be a great caring man

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