Freshman Mocked For Wearing Same Clothes Every Day Gets Gift From Classmates – Video


Michael Todd started his first year in high school at MLK prep school I Memphis, Tennessee. At that point of time, Michael didn’t have too many outfits and he would wear same set of clothes every day. At high school the other kids bu-llied him and were rude towards him for wearing same clothes every day. 

Michael told to KTVI “My mom can’t buy clothes for me because. ‘ I am growing too fast.’ He said “I really do not have clothes at home.” Kristopher Graham who is a football player at MLK Prep school saw Todd being mocked every day. He thought that he should do something to help Todd out. Kristopher said “when I saw people laugh at him and insolent him, I felt like I needed to do something.” 

Kristopher sent a text message to his friend Antwan Garrett to help him so that he could do something for Todd. Next day when Todd came out of his classroom, Kristopher and Garrett approached him. Todd was nervous and he froze when these two football players stopped him at their lockers.  

Kristopher told to Todd “I want to apologize to you for laughing at you and I want to give you something to make it up.” Then both Kristopher and Garrett gave Todd a bag that full of shirts, shorts and shoes.

Michael was overwhelmed by the kindness of the two football players.  He said “I have been bu-llied my entire life. But getting the gift was awesome. The best day of my entire life, basically.” The video of Kristopher and Garrett giving gift to Michael has gone viral and it has been viewed over million times. 

Later all three of them were invited to  appear on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and there Will Smith not only appreciated the kind of Kristopher and Garrett, he gave $10,000 to all three of them.  Kristopher said he would invest the amount he received and Garrett would use the money for trade school so that he can become a diesel engine mechanic. 

Garrett said he helped Michael as he knew what pain and agony Michael must have been going through. Garrett said “We were not expecting for the video to go viral. We just wanted to make a change. I know how it feels not to have anything. I don’t have much, but it made me feel better by seeing someone else have. I have not had like best of life. Everybody struggles. My life has changed from sleeping I a house without no lights. With what is going on the outside affected me in school. I didn’t want to be in school. I wanted to help Michael and make him happy and it made me happy.”

The kind act of Kristopher and Garrett was commemorated by Memphis City Council. They honored the teenaged football players with a resolution and applauded their act of kindness. Both Kristopher and Garrett have shown that each one has a responsibility towards each other.

At one hand when many kids at high school mocked Todd, Kristopher and Garrett saw this as an opportunity to help Michael.