Louisiana Car Dealer Finds Homeless Man Sleeping on His Porch, Goes Above and Beyond to Help – Video


When Louisiana car dealer Alcide Dominique found a homeless man sleeping on his porch, he wanted to help. But in this positive news story, one act of kindness quickly spiraled into a wave of support! When Alcide Dominique arrived at his car dealership, Dominique Auto Sales, in Louisiana, he found a homeless man sleeping on the porch.

The homeless man, Jamie, laid on the hard, wooden porch covered in what appears to be a sheet. He was looking for shelter from the rainy day.

Rather than chase him off, as some business owners may have done, Alcide, who goes by Al, decided to help. And in the process, the Louisiana car dealer got to know more of Jamie’s story. “He was very kind,” Al explained. “He was just happy to be with people who were treating him like a human being.” Jamie used to live with his grandparents, who helped care for him.

But after they depart, the young man found himself on the streets. Al and one of his employees named Sean treated the young man to a meal. They also bought supplies for him at Walmart and paid for him to stay the night at a local motel.

“All we were doing was just being a friend and getting him something to eat and getting him a room,” Al said. “That’s all that we were planning on doing.” But what the Louisiana car dealer and his employee started, God was faithful in completing! The two Good Samaritans filmed their experience with James and shared it on social media. And the response was more than they ever expected. Strangers from all over started reaching out to the Louisiana car dealer asking for ways to help Jamie. Donations rolled in so he could stay in the motel rather than wind up back on the streets.

“In one night, I think we got maybe about two to three thousand [dollars],” Al explained. “It was like a blessing.He didn’t have to go back on the street.” Additionally, people have sent clothes, basic supplies, and Bibles. All of it going to the car dealership so Al and the others can help Jamie get back on his feet. “It would be a tragedy for him to end up being on the streets again a year from now,” Al said. “So our goal is to work with him and take the time that we need to find him some rent-reduced apartments, perhaps a part-time job, transportation [like] a bicycle or a car.”

Al says the generosity of so many strangers has “amazed” and “inspired” him. And though so many are crediting the Louisiana car dealer for changing this homeless man’s life, Al is quick to correct them. “It’s my buddy Sean, it’s my sales manager Alex, it’s our salesman Walter,” he says. “It’s America it’s the world.” Al and his coworkers could have easily ignored or even run off the homeless man sleeping on the porch. Or, after treating him to a meal and a night at the motel, they could have considered their part “done.” Yet, as donations and support pour in, they are answering God’s calling.

They are investing their time and efforts into truly helping Jamie get the second chance he deserves. “You have to ask yourself what’s important in life,” ​Al said.

“[Is it] getting off work at five o’clock and going home to watch TV, or is it me getting off work at five o’clock to go check on somebody and see if they’re OK?” It’s beautiful to see so many people coming together to be the hands and feet of Christ. And it’s a wonderful example of how sometimes, all it takes is one small act of kindness to inspire others to get involved, too. May this positive news story remind you of the power God has given each of us to make a difference in the world!

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KerryThanks to these men for helping this homeless man instead of running him off of the porch! Their caring act was able to get him money to get a place to live. They will also help him find a job so he can continue to live alone!

Morena Padilla We need to help each other then tear each other down.

we are all Gods children and have to care for others if we are able and have the means to do it, even if you just buy someone something to eat it’s a beautiful thing to do. God bless them both. Good luck Mr. Brown and may you get a fresh start in life and remember pay it forward when you are able.

MarianneThis is simply what loving thy neighbor is all about. God Bless them both.

Pearl SwansonThank You for helping this man We do need more caring people like you

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