Identical Twins Earn $24 Million In Scholarship Offers From Over 200 Colleges – Video


A set of twins from Baton Rouge have received more than 200 offers from colleges and universities around the world, amounting to a total upwards of $24 million in scholarships.

As per reports, Denisha and Destiny Caldwell, students at Scotlandville Magnet High have already decided that they want to attend UCLA, but that’s not for lack of other options. “We started off competing against each other, and now we compete with each other,” Destiny said, as per WBZR. “From searching on the internet, we definitely have over 200 offers right now. We are definitely setting a world record right now,” Denisha added.

The two girls were forced to switch their classes to online learning last year as a result of the COV-19 epidemic, but they hardly let that stop them.

Having graduated high school, Destiny and Denisha now hope that their inspirational journey can inspire others to be the best that they can be. “Strive to be the best that you can be, the best version of yourself. Do not let the negativity get to you,” Denisha said. As per reports, the twins are vying to major in math and science so that they can pursue careers in the field of medicine.

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Hasta CieloI’m not a jealous person generally, but for some reason I’ve always been so jealous of twins! The thought of having a partner through life who understands you through and through. Such a beautiful bond.

Erika LeonardThese ladies have such bright future’s ahead of them but I hope the media coverage of their scholarship money doesn’t make them a target for bad people trying to squeeze money or gifts from them.

Terri I’m proud of them not only be being able to be so blessed by working together to achieve their goals. The College responses are to be commended. Goes to show it’s in the effort you do, Congratulations

Ryan Congratulations. Beautiful strong Princess! May Jesus cover you on your journey in school and the future ahead.

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