Instead Of Ticketing A Young Mom, Officer Buys New Child Car Seats And Helps Her Install Them – Video


A Wisconsin officer who is on his duty got waved by a car full of children. He admired the friendliness and tried to wave back but noticed the car had invalid registration and the children in it did not have secured seats, to begin with. He blocked the car and his owner Andrella Jackson.

She is a mom to three children. They all are in the car waiting for the Officer to leave their car home. Officer Kevin expected that she would have a good reason for this traffic offense.

As well as she explained, she just bought a car from the auction, so she did not have the proper registration. She is a little low on budget preparing for winter with the three kids, so she did not afford worthy seats for the children.

Hearing this, Officer empathized with them being a father himself for the three children; he proportionately knew how hard these times would be. So he came down from his official position and ran to Walmart.

Kevin bought 75$ worth of Car Seats and helped Andrella to fix the seats inside the car. Andrella liked the way Officer Kevin Zimmerman treated her family and was grateful to know someone like Zimmerman is in the position of protecting hands for their town and family. Officer Kevin waved Andrella and her children safely without any offense.

When Speaking about this, Officer Kevin says, ” I’m a father myself, I have three kids, I thought of my kids jumping around. What if a car h-t them and they flew and got seriously hurt, if not kil_ed?” He is not being pessimistic but cares as a officer who knew how reality works.

It is well-defined with the statistics of around how much people suffer from not having proper seats. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also recommends that parents change their safety seats following a moderate or severe crash. The data shows around 77 tickets given out for the family has children less than four years old for not having proper seats.

Safe Kids Worldwide reports that secured car seats can reduce the risk of life loss by as much as 71 percent. According to officer Kevin Zimmerman, He is just making a difference in the life of someone like him. ” I didn’t do this to be praised or ‘atta boy’ or anything like that, I did it because I’m a parent and I want nothing to happen to these kids. ” OFFICER KEVIN ZIMMERMAN