Man Stops To Help Woman Walking In Rain Then 3 Years Later Frozen When He Finds Out Her Identity – Video


We often hear that gratitude is powerful. It is powerful when we focus on the positive side that attracts positive experiences in our life. More often, gratitude influence people to connect a thing bigger than themselves as individuals, more so to other people, nature or higher energy. Here is a short and true story that conveys how interesting events occur beyond the element of gratitude.

It was on a rainy day; Chris Wright and his family were returning home from Georgia after attending the Church service. Chris found a woman who was stranded in the pouring rain as her car ran out of fuel. After informing his wife Carmen, Chris could able to reach TunDe Hector, who is in a dire state in filling the gas to her car.

He helped her in filling gas to her car and also parted with some extra cash to meet any emergency. Years rolled, and Chris lost the memories of the event till Chris’s mom

Judy was suffering from the pre-symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Since personal care was needed, Chris has hired a few nurses from a home-health aid service. Unknowingly, TunDe happened to be one of those nurses to take care of Chris’s mother. Since Chris never asked the name of the woman who he has extended his help three years back, he had no clue that the nurse was the same lady. As the days rolled by, TunDe was attracted by Chris parents, and all became close to each other. When introduced to the entire family, TunDe had narrated the incident that had happened three years ago when she was stranded in the pouring rain.

On hearing her narration, Chris recollected the event and informed TunDe that it was he who helped her three years ago. As informed by Carmen to CBS, both Chris and TunDe have maintained their contacts, and later Chris’s mother Judy reached her heavenly abode due to her severe illness. The story never ends here, until Judy’s ceremonial function, where guests were asked to contribute to TunDe’s outstanding educational loan in lieu of floral arrangements.