28-Year-Old Saves Sister’s Baby From Foster Care, 6 Months Later, He Appeared On American Idol – Video


A young man, Marcio Donaldson is a known name among people for his singing talent. Marcio had entered American Idol last season. Although he had cleared the first round, he could not move forward from the second round. A few weeks ago Marcio came back to American Idol for this season and this time around his voice melted everyone’s heart away.

Marcio told that his life has changed in this past one year.

Marcio has been through lot of challenges in life. He says that in his childhood days he had grown up in an area where offence and cri-mes were quite common. Marcio used to stay with his mother and sister in an apartment that was in bad condition and was infested with pests. While Marcio’s mother tried her best to give both Marcio and his sister a good upbringing, they had a struggled life.

Later both Marcio and his sister were sent for foster care. To bring his mind to peace, Marcio resorted to music and he hoped that with his voice some day he will be able to make it big. As the years passed by and Marcio grew, the day came when he went for American Idol auditions. He cleared the first round but could not go further after the second round of ‘group singing’.

In the meanwhile, Marcio came to know that his sister was expecting a baby. Things were not good with Marcio’s sister after the birth of her baby. She was not keeping well. Marcio was aware that when authorities will come to check on baby, he will need to assure them that he will take good care of his nephew. Marcio said “They came to me, they told me I only had 10 minutes to decide or he goes into the system.”

Marcio looked at his nephew and he made his mind and told the authorities “No thank you, I’ll take him.” Marcio says he took the responsibility of his nephew as he did not want him go through the same what he went through. He said “I want to do this for him.” Marcio was now a single parent and he calls his 6 month old nephew his son.

Marcio says this has changed his life and the baby is like a gift to him.

Last week when Marcio came back to American Idol he sang not just for himself but for his nephew too. When Marcio sang this time, almost everyone had tears in their eyes as he sang so well and intense. Later after six month, Marcio could not believe the news he got. He was awarded the golden ticket from American Idol. Marcio was in tears as he went home, Marcio was full of hope. He knew that he can now give his son a good life.