Officer Helps Homeless Man Shave In The Rain After Seeing Him Struggle Without A Mirror – Touching Video


A homeless man was struggling over a puddle on the street, trying to rinse off his razor and give himself a shave, when a Detroit po-lice officer stepped in to lend a hand. Jill Metiva Schafer happened to be walking by, and she captured the moment of kindness in a post on social media.

“I took the picture because I thought it was such a kind, unselfish thing for an officer to do,” Schafer of Saginaw Township, Michigan, told “Good Morning America.” “With all the negativity that officers get, I wanted to show them in a positive light.”

Schafer said she and her family had arrived for the Detroit Tigers game at the Comerica Park ballpark, but it got rained out. That’s when she witnessed the exchange between Stanley Nelson, 62, and Officer Jeremy Thomas of the Detroit Po-lice Department.

Thomas said he had no idea anyone was watching when he walked up to Nelson. “I walked up and I said, ‘Excuse me, sir’ and at that point, he’s like, ‘Ok, ok, I’ll leave and I said, ‘No, do you need some help?'” Thomas told ABC affiliate WXYZ. “And he turned around blindly and said, ‘Yes, thank you. God bless.'”

Nelson was attempting to shave after receiving a razor and shaving cream as a handout from a Good Samaritan. “What he did for me, that was alright,” Nelson told WXYZ of Thomas’ gesture. “I really appreciate that because I’m going through my thing and I feel bad about myself, but I’m going to be alright.” He went on, “God’s going to bless him for doing that for me.” Thomas’ message is to help others whenever you can.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Jill Metiva SchaferLet’s make him go viral!! Andy told him how nice that was him as we left and passed him

Karen MaiuriCam had a sweet Sag. Township cop change his flat tire on a very cold night when he was a teenager. I was so grateful and so was he. Its so nice to hear positive stories!!

Kelly VieauAwesome job on making sure you share good news that happens too Jilly!! What an awesome site!

Jennifer DarknLovelyI saw this on this news.

And wanted to send a message. Thank you, for capturing this photo of a Detroit Po-lice officer doing a good deed. They get some much bad coverage and it’s not always warranted.

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