Meagan Good’s Husband Devon Franklin Gives Relationship Advice: Don’t Act Like You’re Married When You’re Not


DeVon Franklin is definitely a strong advocate when it comes to marriage and having an amazing foundation in order marriages to last. The Hollywood movie producer, pastor and husband of actress Meagan Good are both firm believers that good things comes to those that wait. He recently took to social media to share an interesting and inspiring post about dating and marriage.

He posted a photo on his Instagram page with the caption, Acting married when you’re not can set you up for distress. #TheWait”.

In the pic you can see three wedding rings stacked together and the following statement. There’s a time to act like husband and wife, but it doesn’t come until you’re actually married-until you have that indelible commitment to each other. #thewait” Franklin’s post caused some very interesting commentary among followers and fans. The pastor/author who is known for having so much wisdom, encouraging others to pursue healthy relationships and inspiring others to keep God first in their marriages, received positive feedback from fans who agreed with the message and his perspective.

One follower left a comment under the post saying,

Interesting perspective. I agree with you, especially after hearing about The Wait. My previous church used to suggest couples should act as if they were married. Always seemed weird Anyway great posts all the time. Thanks Pastor Franklin. Another follower praised the filmmaker for speaking the truth in regards to this topic on marriage. This is very true @devonfranklin my husband asked me once before I said yes because I was not ready I was use to seeing people get divorced so fast and that scared me. Eventually we did marry and have been married for 16 years. However, a few followers shared different views. One follower left a comment under the post saying,

But if they’re the person God ordained, destined for you, does it matter? Of course don’t make them uncomfortable and take your time, be patient but I’m a firm believer in that if it’s meant to be, nothing can separate you two. What’s meant to be, will be, no commas, only periods. So if it doesn’t work out 85 obviously wasn’t meant to be. Mark 10:9- Therefore what God has joined together let man not separate. Correct me if I am wrong though.

Another follower also had a different perspective in regards to marriage writing, Why is it always the woman’s fault when she shows someone how she loves freely? Acting like a wife? What should a girlfriend do? What should a wife do? Maybe that’s her warm nature that can come off as “wifey material”. Better yet she was raised to treat others the way she treats herself! This post should’ve stated the person you are giving your all to isn’t for you.

Won’t be for you. Someone’s else’s lock-up will be someone else’s church.

Back in February 2016, Devon and Meagan released their book, “The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love”. In the book, the couple is very transparent about their experiences. Meagan spoke on her decision to be celibate stating: Everything has changed dramatically since I stopped picking and choosing which parts of the Bible I would follow. When I stopped and focused on the hardest thing, which is s-x, I watched my life and career change.

Devon also spoke about why celibacy is so important in society: We need to start looking at how we date. We need to start talking about s-x in our community. We can start to consider another way to do this that will produce more peace and better health spiritually, mentally and emotionally. We can put ourselves on a path to healing and reconciling relationships.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Tiara Tequan Devon has an anointing. And I can feel it just by listening to him. He is very wise. Bless you Pastor!

Davina I ain’t a Meagan Good but I’ll appreciate a man like Devon. Thank you Jesus!

Andrea Damn I learned something from this!!! and I m not in a relationship

Candace Dawn Devon is really an amazing adviser, he’s so blessed with wisdom to enlighten a couple’s mind who’s struggling with their relationship. Every couple out there should listen to him before it’s too late for them to fix their marriage.

AngeliqueOh this is my first time actually hearing him and what he’s about! bring him back and let him replace that other guy that gives the advice on men.. the one loni was flirting with the first time yes Devon!

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