Meagan Good: God Created women To Be S-x-y (Photos)


It’s difficult to look at Meagan Good without thinking about the goodness of the Lord, and she says there’s nothing wrong with that. In an interview with Rolling Out magazine where she served as Cover Girl.

Meagan says, God created women to be s-xy and said there shouldn’t be anything controversial about a Pastor’s wife being s-xy.

She says, “I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with being s-xy. God created our bodies as women.

He created us to be beautiful, to be s-xy, to be powerful, to be fearless — to be amazing.

I do respect and understand the fact that when you come into the sanctuary, you need to be dressed appropriately because you are not the star — Jesus is the star.

That I agree with 100 percent.

“But I feel like religion can get very judgmental and a lot of people don’t approach you with love. I try to be conscious of the responsibility.

I have as a Christian, but if I did everything everyone told me to do or tried to please everyone.

I couldn’t have my hair a particular way, I couldn’t wear certain clothes, I couldn’t play certain characters.

I can’t hang out with certain people, can’t wear a certain amount of makeup — and you can’t let people run your life. You have to look to God. People will fall in line.

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Mug John PoMost beautiful woman their no words that can perfectly describe u

Ariel NicoleThese black brows with this blon-de hair….I love Meagan Good I wish they would stop playing with her like this.

Mike ElliottI like this. MG, can I put this demon ball in my head and have anything I want?

Mīī MīýåMeagan, I’m loving this dress, you look absolutely stunning,classy, very pretty, a perfect dress for the right event!

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