Nurses Bail Dad Out Of J-ail After He Broke Traffic Laws Rushing His 1-Year-Old Daughter To The Hospital – Video


Have you ever wondered what happens to people who speed down the road for a medical emergency? It turns out that you can still get in trouble for brea-ki-ng traffic laws, no matter if your hazard lights are on, someone is in labor, or you call it in. Keep some of that in mind as you learn about Darius Hinkle, a father who was detain after speeding to get his 1-year-old to the hospital.

Hinkle’s driving breach led to a po-lice pursuit involving multiple cruisers that ended at Touchette Regional Hospital.

The Illinois dad and his girlfriend sped to the hospital because their daughter was ch-oki-ng on a penny. Not only did Hinkle admit that he was driving with a suspended license, but officers told him he clocked in over 100 miles per hour. He knew the risks of driving the way he did but said all that went out the door and he was only thinking about his daughter.

He was detain on the spot and taken into custody. The child’s mother was finally able to take the baby inside where she was immediately treated and stabilized. Little Damani was okay.

When Hinkle’s girlfriend, Donecia Pittman, arrived at the j-il to bail him out, she surprised to find a woman she didn’t know there to pay his bond. It turned out to be one of the nurses from the hospital! Pittman learned that a group of them had pooled their money together to help bond him out. Both parents are extremely grateful to the nurses for taking care of their daughter and for their kind gesture. Pittman stated, “They were there for us ever since we had got there. I couldn’t thank them enough.”

The nurses were moved by the father’s actions to save his daughter and after seeing what transpired with the po-lice, wanted to help. Although no one knows how things will play out in traffic court for Hinkle, his case isn’t the first of its kind. People caught speeding because of medical emergencies are often stopped and given citations for traffic breach. In some cases, ambulance assistance is offered and taken, but if declined, the cops will often write you up. They don’t always take someone’s word for it.

This goes for doctors rushing to the hospital, women in labor, or folks who are in need of immediate medical attention. What should one do? As with Hinkle, it’s a hard call. When faced with a frightening, life-emergency, do you wait for an ambulance to show up or do you take matters into your own hands? If the po-lice wind up chasing you all the way to the hospital’s ER, should they stick strictly to protocol or address the medical emergency at hand? Watch the video below to hear about what happened once these parents arrived at the hospital and their reaction to the nurses’ kindness.

Would you have done the same thing if you were in this father’s shoes? What are your thoughts on the nurses’ actions? Have you ever bro-ken traffic laws for a medical emergency?

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Ivolo89In Sweden you are allowed to be speeding during a emergency if it will take longer for EMS to get to you. You’ll have to phone it in and let them know what you will be doing since it’s a life situation. You are then considered a temporary ambulance and can even get a pol-ice escort.

Ancient TechniqueAn act of kindness? No, an act of kindness would be the cops escorting the man to the ER to make sure the little girl was ok

Judith RickardsThe cop who detain him is ho-rr-ible for this.

How could they do that to this man, he was just trying to save his child

Tiani ChanelHis daughter was about to d-ie. Parents will do anything to keep their children safe. I don’t even have kids yet I understand this.

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