Proud Aunt Is Moved To Tears As She Witnesses Her Nephew’s Act Of Kindness Towards Senior – Video


A teenaged boy in Georgia has caught the attention of many after his act of kindness at a Dollar General store has gone viral. Connie Belle Jenkins Sweet posted a heartwarming message on social media where she wrote an account of how her 17-year old nephew helped out an elderly lady at the store.

A Good Samaritan

The young boy lost no time and immediately darted across to lend a hand. The woman, who had recently fallen and in-jured her back and face, was in dire need of assistance to cover the distance from the parking lot to the store.

Senquavious gave her assistance in not only reaching the store but also stayed on to help her with her shopping.

Social media rage

When Connie documented the act of kindness on her social media account, it immediately piqued the interest of many and garnered over 1,700 Likes and more than 100 shares as of Friday afternoon. Several positive messages kept pouring in over the weekend making Senquavious nothing less than a hero. Connie wrote, “I take proud in knowing and being apart of his life. It brought tears to my eyes because he wanted to help her and not even knowing her situation she was so glad he took the time to help her. I HAVE A AWESOME NEPHEW I PRAY GOD continues to DO GREAT THINGS IN HIS LIFE.

Good Senqua #TRAINemUP #WHENkindnessHASNOcolor #justLOVE”

“That’s the kind of person I am”

Representatives from the Dollar General, on learning about the episode, decided to encourage the young boy for his good deed and collaborated with the Atlanta Hawks who in turn sent their Hawks cheerleaders to Griffin High School in Georgia on Wednesday morning. Senquaviouswas rewarded with a $500 Dollar General gift card and game tickets as a token of gratitude for his random of kindness. Later Senquaviousspoke with the local press and said it was nothing out of the ordinary for him. “I was just being nice because that’s the kind of person I am,” he said.