Which Iconic Meagan Good Character Matches Your Personality? – Video


“People think, ‘Oh, that’s Meagan Good—she’s the s-xy girl, she’s hip-hop culture, she was in the ‘21 Questions’ video, she doesn’t have a lot of depth so let’s keep her in these types of characters,” Good tells me. “People then shifted to, ‘Oh, she has a lot of depth.

She wrote this book, her husband is a pastor.’ But I’m not vastly different. You just perceive me different.”

Meagan Good has been gracing our screens since she was a child, and now she’s making her co-directorial debut with her new film If Not Now, When? To celebrate, we had Meagan take a fun quiz with us over Zoom to find out which iconic Meagan Good character truly matches her personality.

She had an idea of which character she might be linked to, but did her results actually match? Find out by watching our video below!

And now you may take the quiz too! Reply these random questions and inform us your ends in the feedback: Make sure to take a look at If Not Now, When? when it hits theaters and on demand on Jan.

8, in addition to Meagan’s different new movie, Monster Hunter, in theaters now!

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W LLoved her from way back when she starred in Eve’s Bayou she was masterful in that role! ( a star was born in that movie).

SvaeI rented the movie (if not now when? ) off Amazon. Haven’t watched it yet but I know it will be good.

Muzik SymbolYour one of my queens your name is megan gud . David stavien August 9 1996 leo king

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